ServiceTask tasks - jbirddog/SpiffWorkflow Wiki

  1. Staging needs an ssl cert so the Xero oauth callback url will be accepted
  2. Go here and add the staging https url. It should look like the localhost:7004 entry
  3. Deploy connector-proxy-status-im to staging. It has all the oauth handling. I needed a SECRET_KEY env var added for the session library. Not sure if what is in ./bin/deploy will work or not. Locally for me it is in a that is .gitignore'd.
  4. My fork of the xero-python starter app has example code for how the oauth flow is done via the connector proxy. Note my changes are in the cmd branch, not main. The redirect_url in this example is wherever the connector proxy will callback to with the access token - either the front or backend depending on how it is wanted. The callback to our system will need to do something like this, where store_xero_oauth2_token writes into the secret store with whatever key is configured in the UI (see below).
  5. Some UI is needed to allow adding secrets. There is an api similar to that used to populate the connector dropdown - but for auth flows @ http://{CONNECTOR_PROXY_URL}/v1/auths - some secrets like auth_toksn will be gotten this way, other secrets like the bamboohr token is just a key/value entered by the user.
  6. There is a SpiffWorkflow bug fix that needs to be merged, then backend poetry update + deploy. This allows script variables to be used for service task parameters.