1. Introduction - javiicc/Identifyin_Potential_Investment_Opportunities_In_The_Irish_Real_Estate_Market_Using_Machine_Learning Wiki

This is my final project of the Master in Data Science from KSchool. It consists of a machine learning app that predicts housing prices in the Ireland’s Real Estate Market. Once the prices are predicted they are compared with the actual prices in order to find potential investment opportunities.

The project is structured in three parts and each one correspond with a folder in my GitHub repo. They are the following:


Data Collection

The data needed for the project was scraped from the bigger website of real estate advertisements in Ireland: daft.ie The data scraped consists of houses for sale advertisements across all the Republic of Ireland. It is also been scraped data related with the eircode (postcode) from Geonames.org website: geonames.org, wich will be useful just after doing geospatial feature engineering.

Folder: data_colection

Potential Investment Opportunities

Once the data were scraped they were prepared, analyzed, and selected to fed some machine learning algorithms in order to figure out what model fit the data better. At first this part was completely made in jupyter notebooks and then was relocated into a Kedro framework to make it eaisy to understand and follow. The analysis and non-selected algorithms were not relecocated. All the notebooks were conserved and they were relocated into the notebooks folder into the Kedro project.

Folder: investment-opportunities

Front-End Application

The final part of the project is an application made with Plotly Dash were the user can interact with an interactive map and looking for potential investment opportunities.

Folder: dashapp