Item Settings - jack-zisa/CreoLib GitHub Wiki

Creo Lib provides an extension to Fabric's FabricItemSettings called CItemSettings. CItemSettings includes simpler implementations of Fabric's item-related content registries as well as some other options.

// sets the chance a composter's level will raise when this item is put into it
compostingChance(float chance) {}

// sets the amount of time an item will fuel a furnace
fuelPower(int power) {}

// sets food settings of the item
food(CFoodComponent foodComponent) {}

// sets the ItemGroups & placement order of the item
itemGroups(ItemRegistryHelper.ItemGroupSettings[] itemGroups) {}

// makes the item collectable by villagers
villagerCollectable() {}

// makes the item compostable by farmers
farmerCompostable() {}

// sets the food value an item is worth to villagers
villagerFood(int value) {}

// sets the pickup delay time of an item
pickupDelay(int delay) {}

// sets the despawn time of an item
despawnTime(int despawnTime) {}