Contribution guidelines - iodigital-com/io-technology Wiki


  1. Discuss the topic with your campus' Technology Director
  2. Write the article
  3. Re-read your work and ensure that everything is in order, grammatically and technically.
  4. Next, send it off to someone else for additional feedback. You get more from two sets of eyes than you do from one!
  5. Fork this repo, create a branch named feature/<article-title> and add the following to your branch:
    1. Add yourself as author
    2. Add your blog post
    3. Add images
  6. Create a pull request on this repo from your feature branch
  7. Ask for reviews by colleagues
  8. Share it with your colleagues so they can 'like' it, comment on it, help you promote it, and most importantly: learn from it.

Example post: github-markdown-guide.mdx


  • The tone should be friendly and professional
  • Within iO we work with a lot of technologies, so keep in mind to show respect to other approaches, technologies or tech stacks
  • Example code is in de iO GitHub account or is presented in-line the article (e.g. Codepen embeds)
  • Make your code examples short and to the point
  • You can modify the blogs at any time when you feel it's necessary
  • The blogs will become the property of iO after you contribute, credited with your name of course
  • Feel free to also post it on your own blog with a canonical url (preferable with message/link saying it was originally posted here)
  • Need to write your hours? Find the most relevant project of the Center of Excellence and create a Jira issue to write them. Reach out to Raymond Muilwijk if you need help.