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The iLabs BlueSky version has the feature to display aircraft based on a data source, i.e. the aircraft are not simulated, but their state is taken from a data source (e.g. VEMMIS).


The overall structure is shown below:


There are three main components:

  1. Tools: Currently, there are two tools that process the data, based on the source (VEMMIS and live traffic). The python files contains one or more classes that process the data and format the data such that the plugin DATASOURCE can merge and send the data into the simulation.
  2. Plugin: The plugin merges the data coming from the different sources and sends the data to the simulation. The plugin also initializes the data feed traffic for the different sources (e.g. REPLAY command).
  3. Traffic: The trafficdatafeed python file overwrites the “simulation” data with the data from the sources, and makes sure that the traffic keeps its previous state (e.g. latitude, longitude, ... etc.) when there no new data.

Adding a source

!!!To Do!!!


Command Arguments Description File
LIVE DATASOURCE Initialize live traffic plugins/
PLAYBACK DATATYPE FOLDER (DATE TIME) Initialize playback traffic (only take initial position from data source) plugins/
REPLAY DATATYPE FOLDER (DATE TIME) Initialize replay traffic (update from data source) plugins/
SOURCES - List the current active sources plugins/