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Welcome to the FiveM-CoraUI wiki! 😎

This library is for FiveM only, it can be used in Lua, JavaScript or TypeScript

Here are the instructions to download and prepare the menu on windows !

(step by step)

git clone

cd FiveM-CoraUI

npm install

npm run dev

If you are developing in JavaScript or TypeScript, this menu library can make your life easier !

Here are some examples :

import { CoraUI } from "./index"

Then you need to actually create it !

Here is a blank menu :

  name: 'Menu Title',
  subtitle: "Menu Subtitle",
  glare: true,
  buttons: [
  submenus: {

if everything went well, you should have this result

Images : A simple button and a "full" button

// Simple button :
{ name: 'Simple button', onClick: () => console.log("Simple Button !")},

// A "Full" Button
{ name: 'Button', description: "My description !", rightText: "Hey !", backgroundColor: [255, 0, 0], onClick: () => {