Contributing - haltosan/RA-python-tools Wiki


Here are some good practices that should help the Github page be a bit more consistent.

Project board

Whenever you hear about a new assignment, even if it's just for you, add it to the TODO/In Progress section. Whenever you take an assignment out of TODO, add a line at the end of the card that has the usernames/first initials of everyone working on it. This way we know who is working on anything at any given time.

Code section

Upload anything here that you think could be useful for the other people in the lab. Whenever you do upload a project, make sure to write documentation in the wiki (or in the project itself if it's fairly small). Missing documentation just leads to unusable projects because nobody knows how to use them.


Add anything to the wiki that you feel other RA's could find useful, and add project documentation here. Keep a project's docs to 1 page.


Any questions that you wish to address to the entire team, just post in the issues section. This should be used for general questions because the entire team can then look over the conversation. Hopefully this can be a great resource. Please check this section from time to time to make sure people aren't lost on an assignment.

If there are any questions, just email me (E.S.)