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Stakeholder Alignment Interviews

Research Date:

Research Roadmap (this research is a subset of this roadmap)

Summary of Research


  • How involved (quantity)
  • How they can support (expertise, financial, connections, marketing/word of mouth, etc.)
  • what are their goals for the site
  • what kind of timeline do they expect to site to be built in
  • how do they think the work is being done


  • The purpose of these interviews is to understand the stakeholders' intentions and expectations for supporting the collection and publication of crowdsourced content, and to make recommendations for the project, the collabathon and future website.


  • To answer the research question, we will create mix methods questions and conduct interviews with our stakeholders.

Current Status

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Outstanding task items


Research Plan (including Audience Identification documentation)


Interview recordings & Transcripts

Synthesis (Miro or Figjam)

Presentation of Findings

Action Items Spreadsheet

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