How to: use RTS GMLC data in DISPATCHES examples - gmlc-dispatches/dispatches Wiki

A subset of the RTS-GMLC data (specifically, the CSV files in the SourceData and timeseries_data_files from are available through the dispatches-sample-data Python package or at gmlc-dispatches/sample-data on GitHub.

Importing and using the package in Python code

from dispatches_sample_data import rts_gmlc

# .path is a pathlib.Path object with the absolute path
# to the directory containing the data

# .source_data_path points to rst_gmlc.path / "SourceData"
# and is the path that should be passed to Prescient

# use str(rts_gmlc.source_data_path) if the function
# that will receive the path as an argument
# does not support `pathlib.Path` objects

for csv_path in sorted(rts_gmlc.path.rglob("*.csv")):

Installing the package

  • If the package is not already specified in requirements-dev.txt, it can be installed manually:
pip install dispatches-sample-data==22.06.28
pip install git+