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Creating Custom Trades

To create your own trade, you need to type the command /vts editor
Then click on the book.
Next, click on the green button.
Then, enter any name (Cyrillic supported).
Assign a profession to the villager (To select, simply click on the message in the chat). VProfession
Next, assign the item you want to sell and set the price.
Create trade
DONE, now you can create custom trades.
Result Custom

You can also set the probability of this trade appearing, the number of times your item can be purchased, and the amount of experience gained from trading with the villager.

What do the icons mean (Dispenser/Totem/Experience Bottle/Gold Block)

  • Dispenser: Sets the probability of this trade appearing.
  • Totem: Sets the number of times this item can be purchased.
  • Experience Bottle: Sets the amount of experience you will get for the trade.
  • Gold Block: Sets whether discounts are enabled or disabled.

How to Replace Default Trades

To replace a default trade, you need to type /vts editor
Click on the head.
Then click on the green button.
Assign the trade you want to replace and set your own.
Replace Trade
DONE, now you can replace existing trades.
Result Replace

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