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Welcome to RACK-in-a-Box

Our ARCOS TA2 team welcomes you to use our RACK-in-a-Box software appliance. The goal of our release is to familiarize ARCOS users with RACK's data model, data ingestion interface, and query interface. We are soliciting feedback on the kind of data that should be supported in RACK's data model, the usability of the data ingestion interface, and the expressivity of the query language.

RACK Release v9.1 Notes

This release has the following changes:

RACK Services

RACK is a research-grade database providing a structured semantic data model tuned to the domain of the DARPA ARCOS program. RACK provides a data ingestion interface for use by ARCOS TA1 performers, a query interface for use by ARCOS TA3 performers, and a data model browsing interface for use by all ARCOS performers. While RACK aims to support the needs of ARCOS performers, we emphasize that RACK is research-grade software with a preliminary data model.

Use the Command-line Interface (CLI) to initialize RACK, import data from CSV files, and export data to CSV files. Other useful features are also available, documented here:

You can also visit the SemTK visual graphical query interface here:

If none of these interfaces meet your needs, REST endpoints are available, documented here:

RACK User Guide and Documentation

You can read our RACK wiki. If you don't know where it is,

You also can read an offline copy of the RACK wiki converted to a single HTML file in case you have no access to the online version: