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What are rules of engagement (ROE)?

The ROE are rules set by the King to promote the right behaviour by players in K151. These ROE are set by the current King, Doc. All players and clans in K151 must follow the K151 ROE. If you break these rules you can be punished by the King.

The King and the Royal Council

The King is appointed following the Clash for the Throne tournament by the Senate. The King appoints individual players to be part of the Royal Council, and these players take responsibility for ensuring K151 functions smoothly and players follow the ROE.

The Royal Council appoints Royal Guards (high level players who will enforce Royal judgements) and Royal Judges (who work for the Royal Court). Both volunteer for duty and are not paid, so please respect their hard work. If you wish to join the Royal Council, become a Royal Guard or a Royal Judge, message [FFT] FanFuckinTastic in-game.

The Royal Guard currently appointed are FanFuckinTastic, Chief Eng, Naja302, Uvall, Brightblade, Blackbrand, D U L O, Lady Start, Gazius and Athena. The Royal Judges currently appointed to the King's Court are Nyx Darkhër, Bifur, Melina RedHair, Dragoness, Monteira, and Rabur.


1. Key Principles

  • Treat all players with respect and courtesy. Threats and harassing messages of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • K151 is currently at peace, so attacks on other players outside of CoT are generally not allowed.
  • This peace is to ensure that players and clans grow strong and focus on the threat from other Kingdoms.

2. Who is protected by these ROE?

All players and clans in K151 are protected by these ROE unless:

  • they are outlawed, or
  • they are clanless (or in a computer generated clan) with a might of over 100,000.

3. Attacking Other Players

Except as set out in these ROE, you MUST NOT attack:

  • other players (unless agreed with that player), or
  • portals (unless that portal can be shown to be hostile), or
  • clan buildings (capitals, forts, etc.).

Attacks including scouting. Clan marches on another player's city (but not on hostile portals) are always prohibited.

4. Clan responsibilities

Clans must:

  • nominate at least one diplomat of leader or superior rank on their clan page,
  • train their clan on these ROE, and
  • actively participate, in good faith, in the dispute process.

If no diplomat is specified by a clan, the leader shall be assumed to have taken this role.

5. Clash for the Throne (COT)

5A. Cities you can attack during COT

During COT you can (scout &) attack cities provided the player whose city you (scout &) attack:

  1. is at least half of your might or above, OR
  2. attacked you first (whether or not that attack was successful) under 5A(1),

AND in either case you can prove if required, with screenshots and timestamps, that the attack was legal when it launched.

5B. Portals

During COT portals are automatically considered hostile EXCEPT for portals in a clan's territory or portals being used for an active event, both of which must not be attacked unless you can prove they were hostile - keep event reports to show this.

The might restriction (in 5B) does not apply to this rule (5C). Clan marches on hostile portals are permitted during COT.

5C. COT and other Kingdoms

The might restriction in 5A does NOT apply to cities outside of K151 which can be attacked freely both in and out of COT (provided, if the city is in a Kingdom that is a party to the Inter-Kingdom FairPlay Agreement, the player is above 100k might) - attacks on cities outside of K151 count towards your COT tournament score.

Also note, as we are an open Kingdom now, portals in clan territory & active event portals may be attacked by those Kingdoms who are not part of the Inter-Kingdom FairPlay Agreement, so you are encouraged to heavily reinforce portal cities or empty them out.

6. Resources (RSS), Monsters & Crypts

  • Monsters & Crypts: first come, first served in any location except for Rare Crypts that need a key to open - if you haven't unlocked it, don't take it!
  • RSS in clan territory: all RSS (wild or player-created) as well as Dragon Mounts & Wellsprings (for which registration is not required) in a clan's territory are owned by that clan, and they can remove any player illegally occupying it.
  • Player-created RSS: (except as above) owned by the person who created the tile. The owner (or their champion) has the right to attack and reclaim it without warning. Player-created RSS come in 5s (e.g. levels 5, 10, 15, etc.).
  • Wild RSS: (except as above) first launched, first served. All levels (including 5s) could be wild RSS. If a player is already marching to a wild RSS, don't start a march and hurry to beat them.

7. Dragon Mounds and Wellsprings

If you find a Dragon Mound or Wellspring:

  • register it before mining, and
  • start mining it within 1 hour of registration (or it will be considered forfeited).

You register them as follows:

  • Dragon Mounds in chat 'K151 Gold', or
  • Wellsprings in chat 'K151 WS', by
  • Posting ONLY the Y coordinate of the location (other Kingdoms, when we open, may use full coordinates to attack you).

A maximum of 1 Dragon Mound and 1 Wellspring registration can be made by an individual player in any 24 hour period. Registrations are personal and may not be transferred. If you have validly registered a DM or WS you (or your champion) may remove any player illegally occupying that registered tile.

8. Taxation

Click on your Capitol building every day and send the gold ingots to the Royal Treasury.

Gold ingots have no value to you personally but the King can use them to activate bonuses for the whole of K151. For example +25% army strength during epic monster events. When the Kingdom is opened, players with large amounts of gold ingots will be targeted by players from other Kingdoms.

Cities with large numbers of gold ingots, as determined by the King, can be attacked by the Royal Guard after a warning. This warning may be made directly or in the Kingdom chat.

9. These ROE and other Kingdoms

These ROE apply only between players in K151. Interactions with/by players outside of K151 is governed by the Inter-Kingdom FairPlay Agreement to which K151 is a party. Remember that the Inter-Kingdom FairPlay Agreement does NOT prohibit attacks on one another's cities!

If a Kingdom is not a party to the Inter-Kingdom FairPlay Agreement, there are no rules that govern interactions with one another.


If you are attacked in breach of these ROE, you have two options:

  • retaliate, or
  • attempt to resolve the infringement using the dispute process.


You, or your champion, may (scout &) attack the player who attacked you - once for every illegal attack received. Keep event reports in case this is challenged. If you choose to retaliate, you cannot then raise your matter to the King's Court through the dispute process.

Dispute Process

  • Players should first attempt to resolve the dispute between themselves.
  • If they can't agree, involve relevant clan diplomats.
  • If they cannot find a solution, you may request the King's Court to determine the matter.

The King's Court

You can ask the King's Court to determine the matter by copy pasting the event report in the chat 'K151 Court'.

The King's Court will only determine the matter if:

  • retaliation has not been actioned,
  • 24 hours has passed since the diplomats were asked to become involved,
  • it is no later than 5 days since the event occurred, and
  • all relevant event reports are accessible (so ensure these are saved).

The King's Court acts on behalf of the King and its decisions are non-negotiable, so it makes sense to resolve any issues between yourself. The King's Court may issue an order for compensation to be paid and/or the outlawing of players & clans.


Individuals or clans that consistently break these ROE or refuse to abide by an order of the King (or the King's Court) are given outlaw status, which is notified in the chat 'K151 Outlaws'. Outlaws are not protected by the ROE.