FreeScout Modules - freescout-helpdesk/freescout Wiki

Modules allow to extend FreeScout functionality. All modules are open source (AGPL-3.0 license). Modules source code is downloaded to your server upon installation.

Official modules are developed and maintained by FreeScout team. Third party modules can be developed by anyone.

  1. Modules
  2. Installing Official Modules
  3. Installing Custom Modules
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Modifying Modules
  6. Modules Development
  7. FAQ

1. Modules

2. Installing Official Modules

To install a module:

  1. Open your FreeScout and go to Maganage > Modules

  2. Choose a module and enter Lincense Key.


  1. Click "Install Module" button.


  1. Click "Activate" button.


3. Installing Custom Modules

Instruction on developing custom modules can be found here.

If you want to install a custom module:

  1. Unpack module into /Modules folder.

  2. Go to Maganage > Modules and activate module.

4. Troubleshooting

— One of official modules does not work properly or just stopped working

  1. Try to deactivate all non-official modules.

  2. Check errors in "Manage » System » Logs".

— 'File /modules/modulename/js/laroute.js does not exist' or 'File /modules/modulename/css/module.css does not exist'

— Error occurred creating [...] symlink: symlink(): No such file or directory

These errors means that you have a Permissions issue.

In /public/modules folder during installation each module creates a symlink. DO NOT create manually folders instead of symlinks in this directory - it will lead to unexpected problems (like this one).

— "Error occurred downloading/activating the module".

  1. Make sure that everything is ok in "Manage » System » Status", especially file permissions.

  2. Check errors in Manage >> Logs >> App Logs.

  3. Make sure you have PHP curl extension enabled.

  4. Make sure that /Modules folder is writable by the web server user.

  5. Make sure file permissions are correct

Try to install/activate the module again.

— Application or module is not working after installing a module

  1. Check application logs in "Manage » System » Logs".
  2. Try to run "Migrate DB" in "Manage » System » Tools" or run console command: php artisan migrate.
  3. Clear app cache.
  4. If application is not functioning at all, rename the module (/Modules/Test into /Modules/Test2 for example), open two times, now the module will be deactivated. Rename module back and try to activate. Clear app cache.
  5. Try to reinstall the module.

— Base table or view not found

By some reason DB table migration did not work during module activation on your FreeScout installation:

  1. Try to reactivate the module.
  2. Try to run "Migrate DB" in "Manage » System » Tools" or run console command: php artisan migrate.
  3. If still no luck, find a developer who can find out why migration does not work on your FreeScout installation.

— License for the module has been activated but the module has not been downloaded into /www/html/Modules/

Try to deactivate the license for the module and activate again, it will start downloading process again.

— I'm activating (deactivating) a module but it stays inactive (active).

It means that in /storage/framework/cache/data/ there are files created by a user different from www-data, and www-data user can not completely clear the cache (read more). Run the following command to make www-data user an owner of all the FreeScout files:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html

— After updating to the new version the module does not work properly

Modules require a symlink in /public/modules/. If somehow instead of a symlink you've manually created a folder there, this will cause problems (example).

To fix this do the following (during this process no data is lost):

  1. Deactivate problematic modules
  2. Delete problematic modules
  3. Install and activate modules one by one
  4. Login via SSH and check the /public/modules/ folder to see if the new install has created symlinks
  5. Check if modules are working properly

5. Modifying Modules

You can change modules code according to your needs. If you add some awesome features to modules or fix some bugs feel free to send us the module at [email protected], so that we add your updates to the Modules Directory.

6. Modules Development

See this.

7. FAQ

What payment methods are supported for official modules?

Bank Cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Wire Transfer.


Do you offer bulk discounts? Do you offer discount for nonprofits?

No, as modules are already super cheap.

Do modules work if FreeScout is installed on a subdomain or subdirectory?


Can you send me a tax invoice?

We don't send invoices by request. You receive an invoice to the email address you provide during the payment.

Payment is not working?

If FastSpring payment gateway rejects you bank card, try using PayPal instead (usually FastSpring can not do anything when the bank card is being rejected).

Also our payment gateway (FastSpring) sometimes experiences technical issues. In such cases just try to make the purchase again after some time.

Are the pricing inclusive of tax?

You can read about taxes here.

Where can I find license codes after purchasing?

Find an email with "[FreeScout] Purchase Receipt" subject in your mailbox (make sure to check a spam folder) or request your license keys using this form.

How will I get the code of the module? How can I download the files locally as a backup?

Module source code will be downloaded into /Modules/ folder in your FreeScout. You can download modules from there.

Will it be possible to use one license on different subdomains?

No. Use Deactivate License button to transfer module between domains/subdomains.

Will all the modules be backward compatible with new FreeScout releases.


Is it possible to transfer/disable the module licenses from the old domain and reactivate them on the new domain?

Yes. License can be deactivated on any instance - old or new. First install the LATEST VERSION of the FreeScout (otherwise this method will not work). Use Deactivate License button. You don't need to know your previous domain, only license key.


Can I use same license for test and production domain?

No. You need a separate license for each domain.

Can I change module's code according to my needs?

Sure. If you add some awesome features to modules or fix some bugs feel free to send us the module, so that we add your updates to Modules Directory.

If a module does not work on my FreeScout installation will you help me?

No. FreeScout Team only fixes confirmed bugs in modules, but does not provide a personal assistance. You may need to find a developer who can take a look into your issue.

Will I receive a support after purchasing a module?

Technical support is limited to fixing bugs.

How can I translate modules?

Before translating make sure that you have the latest version of the FreeScout installed.

  1. Log in as admin and go to Manage » Translate.
  2. Click Import translations.
  3. Choose a group in the dropdown to display translations.
  4. Translate texts.
  5. Click Publish translations to apply translations in your app.
  6. Click Send Translations to send translations to FreeScout team. If sending does not work, download translations using Download as ZIP button and send to [email protected]