Release Roles and Responsibilities - facebook/react-native Wiki

Here we set guidelines to apply the “dividi et impera” approach to React Native releases: it is an involved process and we need to clarify the work to allow for easier rotations of folks in various positions.

The roles should be imagined as “concentric”, with #1 in the centre: this means that anything in role #3 can be done by #2 or #1, and anything on role #2 can be done by #1.

The goal of this structure is that #1 doesn’t have to do everything: to do so the suggestion is to at least always have a person per each role in each release.

Release Role #1: Meta Releasers (x2)


Two sub-roles:

Time commitment: maximum 4 hours/week of work for each release captain and reverse shadow.

Release Captain Responsibilities

Reverse Shadow Responsibilities

Who can fill it

Release Role #2 : Release Copilot


Time commitment: can be more flexible and doesn’t have to align with minor release schedule, but we should update the release schedule when needed. Most likely, a couple hours per week.


Who can fill it

Release Role #3: Release Supporter


Time commitment: as much or as little as available by each person.

No strict coupling with any specific release - active supports and testers will be thanked in the release notes of versions they help with.

Release Supporter Responsibilities

Release Tester Responsibilities

Who can fill it

Apply to the role

For both supporters and testers, you can let us know that you want to help out in this dedicated discussion. We will provide you access to a dedicated RN Discord server that folks involved the releasers use to coordinate.