Drawer - edayot/SimpleDrawer GitHub Wiki


The main block of the datapack. Allow player to store (with upgrade) almost infinite amount of item.

Craft :


The recipe work with any type of wood


Place the drawer like a normal block and you will see a default barrier block on it

Fill :

Just right click on the item frame to store your selected item, you can add the same item(be aware of NBT tags) by right clicking on the drawer. To add more item at once you can shift will clicking on the drawer and all items in your inventory will be filled in the drawer.

Unfill :

To unfill items just right click on the item to unfill a stack. To unfill more items shift will right clicking to fill all your inventory.

Destroy :

You can destroy the drawer, and it will drop like a shulker box, you can replace it and all your items will be here. On the item's Lore your are going to see information about items in the drawer.