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As with dwm, community patch contributions are heartily welcomed! If you have a customization that others may appreciate, or a useful enhancement which doesn't quite fit into the trim-and-tidy philosophy of dwl, please post it here! Implement your modifications as a public GitHub branch (multiple commits are OK), then copy-and-paste the following Markdown into the list below, replacing each all-caps placeholder with the appropriate information:


For a patch based on the wlroots-next branch instead, simply change main in the link above.

Please ensure that the only changes in that branch are those needed for the patch; do not include multiple patches, personal changes to config.h, etc.


Note: these external patches are user-submitted content, and the authors of dwl cannot monitor them. Please download and review a patch before using it!

Another note: since dwl is still taking shape, patches may need to be updated after larger changes to the code. Feel free to contribute updated versions!