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Mirador Search and Annotations


  1. Install and run Simple Annotation Server.
  2. Change the Islandora IIIF (iiif_vew_manifest) branch to search.
  3. Change the Islandora Mirador (islandora_mirador) branch to annotations.
    1. This branch includes a built version of Mirador Viewer in js/dist. If you want to make changes to Mirador such as changing the plugins, you will have to rebuild using Mirador integration for Omeka (sas branch), then replace the files.


  1. Set the Search API URL in Islandora IIIF config (found at admin/config/islandora/iiif). http://localhost:8888/search-api/[manifest_id]/search will work with default setup for Simple Annotation Server.
  2. Set the Annotation API URL in Islandora Mirador config. You must set the URL in both the admin config (found at admin/config/media/mirador) and the config for the block (found at admin/structure/block/manage/miradorblock?destination=/admin/structure/block).http://localhost:8888/annotation will work with default setup for Simple Annotation Server.
  3. Create and/or add field_manifest_id field to repository objects.

Indexing With SAS

  1. Navigate to node/[nid]/book-manifest, where nid is the node id of the node you wish to annotate.
  2. Find the canvas URL(s). They should look something like https:\/\/islandora.traefik.me\/node\/[nid]\/canvas\/[mid].
  3. Navigate to Index Manifest in Simple Annotation Server and enter the canvas URL(s). You will have to remove the backslashes used to escape the slash characters.
  4. Copy the manifest ID (found in the URL of the page after manifest=) and enter it in the field_manifest_id of the corresponding node. Previously indexed manifests can be viewed under View Annotations in the Simple Annotation Server.
  5. Get annotation list of Google Cloud Vision OCR using gcv2annotationList. Make sure that the canvas URL is correct because this is what Simple Annotation Server uses to associate the annotations with the canvas.
  6. Navigate to Load Annotation List in Simple Annotation Server and enter the URL of the annotation list. You can use a file URI (e.g. file:///path/to/file).


Simple Annotation Server is hanging on Index Manifest

  • Check the console for CORS blocking requests. This is not currently resolved with the server so you will have to install an extension to turn those off.

Annotation / Search are not showing up in Mirador Viewer

  • Check for CORS blocking requests. See above.
  • Check that you have the correct branch of Islandora Mirador checked out.
  • Annotation and Search tabs will not show up in the Mirador Viewer if the URLs are not configured in the module or block settings.