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WebRTCBridge Communication Framework

It was shown already that WebRTC by itself has a lot of compatability issues with certain networks architectures. This bridge does not mitigate that problem. Instead, we work around it by tunneling the actual connection but doing two WebRTC setups independent of each other.

Local Peer Copy

On setup of the WebRTC connection, we are sharing the SDP with the endpoints. The SDP (in JSON format) can be shared between the bridge instances. They will in turn trigger the setup of the individual connections. For a offer/answer pattern, the receiver of the offer sets up its peer copy first (class Adapter or derived class), after which the answer is created. With the answer, the sender of the offer/receiver of the answer will setup the other peer copy.

Events pertaining the reception of packages on any stream or on the data channels will be forwarded to the bridge connection socket where they will be sent. Here, we will make sure that the disambiguation is done correctly on the bridge classes, by using RTP header extensions.