Patch Notes April 2023 - deliciousmods/1956_beta GitHub Wiki



  • Hiding of locked-out branches for the USA, Japan, and the vanilla Germany tree.
  • Added a decision for monarchist Britain to restore their old royal house name if they try to/do ally with Germany.
  • New focus for historical Britain to establish their wartime cabinet committee, granting minor buffs.
  • Added Wilhelm von Habsburg (aka Vasyl Vyshyvanyi), ex-colonel of the Ukrainian Sich as a claimant to the Ukrainian crown.
  • [BBA] late-game plane modules

Adjustments and Balance

  • Reworked the Japanese focus "Strike the Philippines" into "Formosa Forward Operating Base", doing the focus "Strike the Southern Resource Area" will now give you a Wargoal on the Philippines if you've done "Formosa Forward Operating Base" focus beforehand.
  • Sweden's starting Navy has been adjusted along with the opening production queue for the navy and upon completion of the focus "Swedish Hunter-Killers" you'll now be given a set of Submarines for your production queue.
  • Revised support equipment and mechanized technologies that excluded certain unit types (i.e. shocktroops with their motorized/mechanized versions, camelry and motorized rocket artillery) so that these units also benefit from these upgrades.
  • Minor rebalancing for some of Britain's army and industrial tree, to make them slightly more accurate.
  • Soviet ultimatums to Baltics are now issued as a single event to better represent historical Soviet desire in temperate water ports.
  • Readded a missing branch for British monarchy in exile for New Zealand.
  • No lion timer trait for famous dictator if the lion won the war.
  • Generic industrial tree is made slightly more dynamic.
  • [MtG] Nationalizing the oil will please communist Britain and the communist USA rather than make them furious.
  • [LaR] Small countries will not be able to seize all Spanish gold in SCW.


  • Fixed it becoming impossible for communist Germany to recruit democratic advisors after a civil war happened in another country.
  • Added Road to 56 states to Rome decisions, and re-enabled and updated the required states preview.
  • Fixed an undesired result when Napoleon split Belgium with Hitler.
  • Pact of steel for Italy is now accessible if Ethiopia is in exile.
  • Fixed missing icons for two Algerian focuses.
  • Readded a missing trigger for non-cooperative USSR who doesn't like communist Germany.
  • Fixed a wrong trait for one of Basque high command leaders.
  • Fixed a Bolivian character portrait.
  • Fixed an exiled ideas removal under specific conditions after the war has ended.
  • [MtG] A few bugs around Dutch focuses of political alignment were resolved.
  • [BBA] Centralizaion BoP attack value for Ethiopia now has a correct value of 5% instead of 50%. Fight till the last person, warrior!


  • Historical and Rome Protocol Italy AI plans now properly cancel when their desired alliance partners become "unavailable".
  • Historical Yugoslavia should no longer just do random stuff.
  • Japanese AI shall not be very keen to attack China after losing war.
  • Explained a bit better to the Ai that fighting Stalin's paranoia was important if their plot had to have any chances of success.
  • Germany loves Hungary a bit less, Horthy is less hitlerite.
  • [BftB] Told Bulgaria to fight the Fatherland front
  • [BftB] Told communist Bulgaria to cease to rebel against itself.


  • Updated some of Britain's focus names to make them slightly less generic.
  • [BBA] filled in a missing tooltip


  • New portrait for Louis II, Prince of Monaco.
  • [BBA] plane icons and models (in progress)