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Key Action
W Jump
A Move left
D Move right
Left Click Shoot
Right Click Secondary
Enter Chat
Esc Menu


I cannot distribute node.js as I do not own any rights to it, but visiting their website you can download the latest (not LTS) and install it, checking the box "Automatically install necessary tools". Wait for the installation to finish, then download the code and unzip it into any folder. Run Config.bat or (depending on system). Then simply double-click on Start.bat or and the server is running!

To stop the server, type "stop" into the server console.

Joining the Game

Once the server is started, you can find your computer's name (available in Windows>System>About as "Device name"), or simply search what's my ip or click the link. The server console will tell you what port to visit and you can type either the ip address or computer name on the client side connected to the same network as the host and then followed by a ":" and then the port number. Example: or hostcomputer:1100

Game mechanics

BattleBoxes Multiplayer is a free-for-all game, where you control a box that shoots smaller boxes to destroy the others. You can take 5 hits before you die, and you will respawn next round. You must parkour to navigate around. The game ends when someone reaches 10 points. During the game, you can obtain special Loot Boxes that give you effects from speed to heat-seeking missiles! They can also give you special effects that last the whole round. It can range from laser attacks to yeets, and you use the secondary attack to use them.