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0.1.0 Added menu with Start, Settings, Achievements, and Exit buttonsAdded basic code for server to get the ID of a playerImplemented a login form, no accounts yet
0.1.1 Implemented a pixel fontAdded exit button when entering Settings/Achievements menuMoved menu script to menu.jsMoved styling to style.css
0.2.0 Added multiplayer aspect to gameAdded player input and movementAdded multiplayer display functionalityAdded entity.js for player functions
0.2.1 Added start filesReplaced the old port setting system with automatic port setting systemUpdated with the correct link
0.3.0 Added bulletsMerged server and client codeAdded background music filesAdded map and collision map filesUpdated README.mdFixed PORTS.txtOther small tweaks
0.3.1 Fixed bug that prevented the server from sending information to clientsFixed Favicon.icoAdded colors to Players and BulletsLimited player count to 16
0.3.2 Fixed and SECURITY.mdFixed server version reportingFixed PORTS.txt
0.4.0 Added map collisions to playerMade camera scroll to keep player on screenAdded mapsFixed a lot of version labelsAdded Config.bat and to help setupAdded debug screenAdded framework for ingame menuCleaned up codeMany other tiny tweaks
0.4.1 Fixed bullet collisions and added player damageFixed most player color dupes(leaving would cause new players to have duplicated colors)Updated mapsAdded community submission formsFixed README.mdSome changes to code formatting
0.4.2 Fixed player color dupe bugPatched major security vulnerability that allowed clients to see all other client socket idsPartially fixed collision glitchingAdded friction to wallsAdded announcementsIncreased bullet visibilityUpdated maps againUpdated debug screenUpdated JavaScriptDisabled textOptimized some code (collisions were left unoptimized)Fixed some other bugs
0.5.0 Added a fade effectCreated a round systemAdded a lobbyUpdated maps (fixed SUBSCRIBE floating bug)Added a lot of spawnpointsAdded ingame musicAdded arrowkey support (and fixed CAPSLOCK bug) (Issue #21)Added volume sliders (kind of)Created index.js for general functions/handlersAdded a LOT of semicolons
0.5.1 Added credits/license pagesFixed header shifting on debugFixed map randomizationAdded another mapPartially fixed canvas blurringOther small changes
0.5.2 Gave player ability to leave gameSort of added game endings when a player reached 10 pointsClamped camera to edges of mapFormatted settingsReplaced the earpain start sound with a much less painful oneFixed announcements double-postingFixed spawnpointsRemoved a bunch of useless semicolons
0.5.3 Patched severe security vulnerability allowing code injection.Fixed infinite one-player round loop bug (Issue #28)Mostly fixed invisible map issues (Pages are only slow to load now) (Issue #25)Fixed shooting during countdownFixed waiting for server messagePrevented whitespaces in namesFixed crashes from running out of spawnpoints by adding more spawnpoints (Issue #31)Improved corner collisions (Issue #15)Fixed multiple other mini-issues
0.5.4 Improved corner collisions again and reduced chances of glitching out of the lobby (Issue #15)Improved wall jumping (you no longer wall jump by walking into walls)
0.6.0 Added account systemFixed script double-loadingFixed aim offsetAdded collision debugFixed player infinite death bug
0.6.1 Fixed debug renderingFixed collision rubberbanding (Issue #15)Added a scoreboardFixed random errors in client consoleReplaced black win screen with a more finished colored page
0.6.2 Added more settingsMigrated to PostGreSQL database for loginAdded "change password" optionFixed some map blurring (Issue #26)Fixed some spelling mistakesMade server close when an error occurs
0.6.3 Fixed critical instant-crash on startup (Issue #43)
0.7.0 Added achievements system and some achievementsAdded ingame menusImproved login database systemFixed server crash when changing passwords (Issue #44)Fixed bullet damage spam (Issue #29)Centered the ingame menu (and added backshade) (Issue #42)Prevented double-sign-inRemoved item focus highlight around buttonsTweaks to game code formatting
0.7.1 Fixed critical server lag and crash after many bullets are fired and BULLET_LIST is not cleared (Issue #46)Added ping counterFixed a hyperlink in README.mdFixed server crash when something
0.7.2 Added UI for achievementsFixed typo that allowed players to sign up with the same username as another and soft-lock their accountFixed TPS counter being multiplied by the number of playersOther small fixes and polishing tweaks
0.8.0 Fixed MAJOR security vulnerability allowing people to change other people's passwords (Issue #47)Temporarily fixed huge bug linking all players achievements with hardcoding, when a better solution is found it will be replaced and the issue closed (Issue #50)Added countdown textAdded win screenAdded "fullscreen" option (broken)Added "back" option when cannot join gameAdded another confirmation dialogue for deleting accounts.Other aesthetic improvementsFixed offset in score boxCentered loading screen text
0.8.1 Compressed map images for better loading with lower bandwidthAdded another achievementAdded transition between login and menuFixed lobby deathsFixed game soft-locking when one player is in game and they dieFixed ingame achievements menuFixed win screen glitchingImproved win screen with winner's nameFixed signup with illegal charactersLowered maximum username character limit to 20Added debug console
0.8.2 Added more mapsRandomized spawn pointsImproved corner collisions (Issue #52)Added support for Heroku deployFixed typo disabling map loading when not run on localhost:Styled achievement bannersCleaned up code
1.0.0 RELEASE 1.0.0 - The game is now no longer incomplete and is ready to play with the full experience.Encrypted passwords and database loginFixed players getting stuck on corners (Issue #53)Fixed spawning outside of map
1.0.1 Fixed achievements not savingFixed no fading between rounds
1.1.0 Added some sort of bot character (Currently does not pathfind)Added "quality" slider to settings (disabled currently)Moved drawing from server TPS to client (60 or 30 FPS) and added FPS optionFixed transparent scoreboard after playing a game (Issue #56)Centered winner name textRandomized spawnpoints on Platforms and BattlefieldFixed force leave on win screen (Issue #58)Fixed typo in achievements (Issue #63)Improved camera movementMinor optimizations
1.1.1 Added ingame debug console (Add your name to ops.json)Added Content Security PolicyAdded MeadowGuarder adFixed non-ingame players being displayed (Issue #68)Fixed username and password input alignmentFixed more minibugs and nuisances
1.1.2 Hid copyright disclaimer and github link during gamesAdded chatFixed non-ingame players displaying after leaving game (Issue #69)Fixed crashes after leaving and disconnecting too quickly (Issue #72)Added support for Heroku deployMoved Meadow Guarder ad to "Meadow Guarder" sectionUpdated server loggingFixed getting stuck in collisionsFixed PLAYER_LIST not clearing after rounds and resulting in "ghost players" (Issue #73)
1.2.0 Added lootboxes with placeholder images (can only be spawned via commands)Implemented local settings saving via cookiesRemoved right click menuFixed non-updating statistics (Issue #85)Improved chat (and added anti-spam and anti-advertising)Synced bullets on client with serverOptimized and rewrote some client-side codeRemoved random exclamation mark (Issue #80)Mass glitch-fix
1.2.1 Added map name display at round startRandomly spawned lootboxesAdded textures to lootboxAdded "slowness" effect to lootbox rngAdded achievements for loot boxesChanged banner outline from dark grey to blackFixed win screen flashing when zooming in and out (Issue #102)Improved page loadingIncreased spam cooldown
1.2.2 Added secondary attacks (found in loot boxes)Added golden, super, laser, and smart variants of bulletsAdded "The Golden Bullet" achievementAdded "yeet" attackFixed win screens on players who are not in game (Issue #124)Fixed instant win caused by un-reset scoreboards (Issue #120)Hid play again button on game join (Issue #126)Fixed two players winning (Issue #125)Fixed broken divs when in win screen (Issue #121)Note: Pathfind bullets do not work
1.3.0 Added "Rain" map by The-God-CoderAdded "The Labyrinth" mapCleared secondary attack each round (Issue #129)Improved buff timeouts
1.3.1 Re-enabled CSPImplemented pathfinding part of pathfinding bulletsFixed crashes when a player obtains an expireable effectFixed loot boxes in lobby (Issue #131)
1.3.2 Fixed render quality sliderReduced "choppy" camera effectFixed innaccurate FPS counter (NOTE:FPS counter counts your browser's fps, not the game fps. Use DFPS to count ingame framerate)Made debug draw on top of gameFixed duplicated player colors(Issue #134)Fixed multi-buff/debuff wierdness (Issue #135)Fixed bullets homing on dead players (Issue #137)Changed banners piling on top of one another
1.4.0 Implemented preliminary bot pathfindingFixed incorrect collision rebound (Issue #150)Added loading barsSwitched banners to divsWaited for images to load (Issue #144)Fixed blurry pixel ratio after zooming in (Issue #149)Fixed blurry canvas (Issue #26)
1.4.1 Fixed bots not broadcasting their deathsFixed uncleared banners, bullets, and unreset maps when joining game (Issue #153)Changed lootbox stacking to effect stacking (Issue #155)Fixed autorespawn hack (Issue #154)Fixed tiny countdown text (Issue #152)Fixed random errorsAdded coloration to server loggingA lot of minor tweaks
1.4.2 Fixed multiple bot-related issuesFixed bots violating 3-second no-move period (Issue #168)Fixed crashes when bots get lootboxesOptimized botsFixed fullscreen
1.4.3 Added particlesAdded death flash and animationsFixed lootbox timers again (Issue #181)Fixed transparent win screen (Issue #180)Fixed double secondary banners (Issue #179)Fixed entities being drawn 1 tick ahead of map (Issue #179)Added timers to buff banners
1.4.4 Security Update (Old versions are now broken)

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