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EasyStreet, a StreetEasy clone, is a real estate home listing application that allows users to publicly share available home rentals, purchases, and also browse similar listings.

1. Hosting on Heroku (06/20/2022)

2. New account creation, login, and guest/demo login (06/21/2022, 2 days)

  • Users can sign up, sign in, log out
  • Users can use a demo login to try the site
  • Users can't use certain features without logging in (creating listings & saving listings)

3. Property Listings (06/22/2022, 2 days)

  • Logged in users can create property listings
  • Users can view a property
  • Logged in users can edit existing listings

4. Likes/Saves (06/23/2022, 2 days)

  • Logged in users can 'like'/'save' listings
  • The like count is displayed for each chirp

5. Dashboard and Profile (06/24/2022, 1 day)

  • Users have a private dashboard of other listings
  • Users have a public profile of their own listings

6. Search Property Listings, Maps (06/25/2022, 1 day)

  • Users can search for other listings through text to see a listing
  • Will implement google maps api to make search more realistic

7. Production README (06/26/2022, 0.5 days)