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GOG ("Good Old Games") is a DRM-free online store that sells a variety of games, old and new. What sets them apart from other stores are features like:

Remember friends, digital is not the enemy. DRM is.

More information can be found here:

gogrepo is a Python script that allows you to back up your entire GOG library, written by GitHub user "Eddie3", and can be found here:


Navigate to "Install things" and choose "gogrepo".

This will create a gog folder in the top level of your RetroNAS share, and all of your GOG games will be downloaded below this, as per GOG's internal naming convention.


Navigate to "Run Tools and Scripts", then "GOG - Download your GOG installers and extras"

Log in to your GOG account

Choose "Configure my GOG credentials". Have your GOG username and password ready to enter. These are not stored directly - he details are used to simulate a browser login and generate a cookie to store on-disk to allow you to download games.

Enter in your username/email-address when prompted, and your password. The software will initiate a secure connection with the GOG servers, and store a login cookie in the home directory of the RetroNAS users (defaults to /home/pi/.gogrepo).

Choose your Operating System

Select "Change my GOG operating system". Select any combination of Windows, Linux and Mac. This will control which versions of games get downloaded.

Sync your games list

Select "Synchronise my games list". This will contact GOG servers and write a manifest file with all the games you own in the home directory of the RetroNAS users (defaults to /home/pi/.gogrepo).

Note that if your games list is large, this can take quite a while. The new manifest file will not be written until the process is 100% complete (any errors will not overwrite your existing manifest file).

Download and update a single game

If you want to download the latest installer for a single game, choose "Download/update a single game". This will refresh the manifest for just that one game, and download the latest installer (for whatever OS you've specified).

If you have an old version in your download folder, the installer will not touch the old version, but simply place the new version next to it. How this works depends on individual games. Some provide a main installer with separate patches, some provide entire new installers that are patched up to date. This is entirely at the whim of the publisher.

Download and update all games in the current manifest

Select "Download/update all games currently in my games list". This will not update the manifest, merely download whatever is in the current version of the on-disk manifest (current at the last time you synchronised it).

Update everything, download everything

Select "FULL - Synchronise games list & download/update all games". This combines the manifest update and will either download or update the latest version of every single game in your full manifest list.

Note that if your GOG library is large, this can take a LONG time and take up a LOT of space. But it will serve as a complete backup of your entire library, 100% DRM free, and able to be installed offline or if GOG vanishes overnight.

Remember friends, digital is not the enemy. DRM is.