ENVIROMENT DESIGN - csg-utulsa/VR-Nursing-Training Wiki

Prepared by Logan Patrick

The virtual environment is set up to mirror the same room that the true simulation will occur in. Equipment can be set up in such a way that it is either close by “Standing” or require navigating around the room “Room scale”.

In Standing layouts, everything needed by a simulation is within arms reach, and any objects that are not necessary or used in the simulation, such as instruments and tools that are not relevant, can be removed from the scene.

In Room-scale layouts, users can teleport or move around the room as they need. There can be more equipment and tools than a simulation may require; in which case, the user will have to choose what they need. To move around the room, they can point or look at a bubble in space that may have an arrow or an indicator showing they are allowed to teleport or move there- Upon highlighting it, they can press their interact key (A trigger or a mouse click) to move to that position.

Moving between rooms can be necessary if some simulations start in one chamber then move to another. They function in the same way the above Room Scale teleports work but instead transport you from one room to another. They can be enabled/disabled depending on objective goals or allowances, for instance, if you cannot continue without a prepared medication.

Room Types

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