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Most budgeting apps are great for a single user but don't have a strong feature set to support a joint user experience.


Create an app that is built around the idea of supporting a "couples" budget.


A "couple" would be able to create an account that allows them to edit/view a budget together. The account would allow for bill reminders, savings goals, and income/expense tracking.

  • Bill Reminders: Send a notification to both users when the due date of a bill approaches and send a notification when a bill is paid.

  • Savings Goals: Create an exciting UI that encourages couples to save towards important financial goals and send encouraging notifications when certain thresholds are reached.

  • Income/Expense Tracking: There are a lot of ways this could be approached. What came to my mind was to have a "zero base budget". The idea is that couples would zero out their income and expenses making sure every dollar is accounted for. This would help couples plan their monthly budget and make sure both partners understand their financial goals together.

The overall design would be very simple and easy to navigate allowing couples a stress-free budget plan.

Status Reports

Status Report #1 (September 24)

Status Report #2 (October 1)

Deliverables :paperclip:

Project Requirements

PERT Chart


Organization Chart

Roles and Responsibilities

Bryce Collins (Project Manager)

  • Update weekly status reports
  • Keep Wiki up to date
  • Research and Development
  • Assist team members when necessary

Jared Strong (Chief Architect)

  • Design the app architecture on a high-level
  • Review pull requests
  • Assist team members when necessary

Brigham Whitaker (UI/UX Developer)

  • Prototype design
  • Develop front-end code with architect's designs
  • Communicate with API developer for back-end connections

Carlos Evelo (API Developer)

  • Communicate with UI/UX developer on front-end connections
  • Database Admin
  • Authentication Admin

Jarod Searle (QA Developer)

  • Provide feedback on application
  • Checks code quality and verifies that it is production ready
  • Develop integration tests for application

Project Members:

  • Bryce Collins
  • Carlos Evelo
  • Jared Strong
  • Jarod Searle
  • Brigham Whitaker