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Contributing Guidelines

Hello and thanks for considering contributing to this project. Your contribution(s), if significant, may be rewarded with a special contributor status and a special color; more info here. If you're new to programming in general and want to get started, I would recommend the visual studio code editor (not visual studio) and I like my setup which you can find here:

I only have the following guidelines:

  1. Before working on a feature, a) make sure it's an open, not "suggested" issue on the github issue page and b) it is unassigned. If you start working on something non-trivial, ask in discord dev channel to have it assigned to you.

  2. Your code should pass lint.

  3. Your editor should use prettierjs.

  4. Functions that either a) return a value or b) have arguments (non-anonymous/lambda) that aren't obvious i.e. not i/index/event should use JSDoc comments to explain the types and return types of that function.

  5. If you make a feature, please commit to supporting it. If there's problems on an issue you've completed, please make sure you can take care of it.

Contributing to the Site

Initial Code Installation/Development Steps:

Dev Helper Accounts:

yarn create-accounts

Assigning a Local Mod Account:

In order to better test all functions of the site in a local development environment it is useful to assign an admin account. This is done for you through the secret-hitler/scripts/assignLocalMod.js file courtesy of contributor Hexicube. After running the create-accounts script you will have the helper accounts populated into the database. Running the next line below will then assign Uther to the admin staffRole to better test all site functions in testing.

yarn assign-local-mod

Upon seeing the end result in the terminal of Assigned. you will know it worked. Just refresh your localhost:8080 page at this point and then you will have a local mod to test additional functions of the site with in a development mode environment.

Contributing to the Wiki

To clone this wiki locally, run the following command line in your terminal:

git clone

We appreciate any helpful contributions to help improve this wiki to be most useful to the Secret Community.

Discord Development Channel and GitHub Issues Pages

Contributor Role Recognition

Contributors are recognized for their significant contributions to either the site's code, discord, or wiki, and are rewarded with special roles on the game site, discord, and github.

Discord Contributor roles are as follows:



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