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:zap: Before you start
Make sure you have correctly configure SDK.

Implementation by UnityEditor | Script C#

Initialize MediationManager

To display ads, you must initialize the mediation manager with a unique managerID.
This needs to be done only once for each manager, ideally at app launch.

If you haven't created an CAS account and registered an app yet, now's a great time to do so at In a real app, it is important that you use your actual CAS manager ID.

The settings for initializing the mediation manager are contained in a CASInitSettings asset.
The CASInitSettings is unique for each supported runtime platform and can be created and modified using the editor Assets > CleverAdsSolutions > Settings menu.
Also you can change any properties of the asset using CAS.MobileAds.BuildManager().

Here's an example of how to call Initialize() within the Start() method of a script attached to a GameObject:

using CAS;

class CleverAdsSolutionsDemoScript : MonoBehaviour
    IMediationManager manager;
    void Start()
        // Configure MobileAds.settings before initialize
        manager = MobileAds.BuildManager()
           // Select first Manager Id from list in settings asset
           // Add initialize listener
           .WithInitListener((success, error) => {
              // CAS manager initialization done
           // Call Initialize method in any case to get IMediationManager instance

⚠️ Do not initialize mediated advertising SDKs (CAS does that for you).
Not following this step will result in noticeable integration issues.

Subscribe to Ad Loading response

The CAS Unity Plugin fires several events to inform you of ad availability and states.

manager.OnLoadedAd += (adType) => {
    // Called when `AdType` load ad response
    Debug.Log(adType.ToString() + " Loaded");
manager.OnFailedToLoadAd += (adType, error) => {
    // Called when <see cref="AdType"/> failed to load ad response with error message
    Debug.Log(adType.ToString() + " Failed to Load with error " + error);

⚠️ Please for AdType.Banner use new ad size api GetAdView(AdSize) instead with events OnLoaded and OnFailed.

Ads processing

CAS have functionality to limit the processing of specific AdType.
This can be useful when you need to improve application performance by turning off unused formats.
Or if you have determined that the user will no longer need to be shown ads, for example after purchase.
The default ad type activity is selected in the settings window.
However, the state can be changed after initialization using the following methods:

manager.SetEnabledAd(AdType.Interstitial, false);

Get the manager

Feel free to call initialize again to get the manager when you've lost it:

IMediationManager manager = 

Initialization will only occur if it is needed.

Static property CAS.MobileAds.manager can give you the first initialized manager or Null, but we do not recommend the property and it may be removed in future releases.

Retrieve the Version Number

To programmatically retrieve the Unity Plugin and the native SDK version number at runtime, CAS provides the following strings:

string pluginVersion = CAS.MobileAds.wrapperVersion;
string nativeSDKVersion = CAS.MobileAds.GetSDKVersion();

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