Changelog - cheetachu/linear-clock GitHub Wiki


Breaking change: Renamed various options to have a consistent pattern. See wiki for updated names.

Changed separators to display the line before the specified hour, not after. Now, if you tell it to separate at 10 AM, it puts a line between 9:59 AM and 10:01 AM.

Added wiggle option. Wiggle is on by default, and is intended to reduce the risk of screen burn by subtly shifting elements by a few pixels over time. When set to false, this will be disabled.

Added offNumbers option, which can be used to disable numbers except for the current hour.

Added better support for using Linear Clock in an external widget or iframe.

  • Added background option, which allows you to make the clock's background transparent.
  • Added digital option, which allows hiding the digital time and date.
  • Added fillMode option, which will make the clock take up as much available space as possible.


Various sleep mode changes:

  • Fixed a bug where the separator was one hour off from where it should be during night mode.
  • Modified sleep mode so after the last waking hour, the clock changes so the first hour shown is the first hour of sleep.
  • Added color scheme for night mode.

Made the end of the clock more visible.

From a distance, or with a glare, the end of the clock isn't always clear. The last colored box was made slightly brighter than the others to help.

Components will now gradually shift a few pixels back and forth over long periods of time, to help reduce risk of screen burn.


Changelog created. Stuff happened before this, but it shall be lost to history.

Exactly on the hour, a 0% filled box can be confused for 100% if someone isn't paying attention. This could potentially cause someone to be an hour off. The following changes have been made to improve this.

  • Unfilled sections of boxes now start darker and gradually becomes lighter as the box fills.
  • A minimum fill of 3% was set.

hideHelp option was added. When added to the URL, the help link will not be shown.

Added day of week to digitial clock display.