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FreePBX Plugin Modules:

There have been multiple FreePBX Plugin module over time. The current one is Chan_SCCP GUI Manager for FreePBX also called 'sccp_manager'.

chan-sccp/sccp_manager is a fork of phantomVl/SCCP_Manager maintained by @phantomVl (See below). phantomVl/sccp_manager is a fork of cynjut/SCCP_Manager created by @cynjut (See below).


sccp_manager requires PHPx.x-zip to be installed (where x.x is the installed version of PHP). For example, on Debian, using PHP7.3

apt-get install PHP7.3-zip

How to install sccp_manager

  1. Creating mysql DB from source using
mysql -p asterisk < /usr/src/chan-sccp/conf/mysql-v5_enum.sql
  1. Create a new tab and log in to FreePBX
  2. Go to Admin -> Module Admin
  3. Click Upload Modules.
  4. Enter one of the following urls:


Develop. This module can be updated through module admin as modifications are made, but may still have issues
  1. Click Download From Web.
  2. Click Manage Local Modules.
  3. Find and click SCCP Manager. Check Install. Click Process button.
  4. Confirm installation.
  5. Close Status window.
  6. Apply Config to FreePBX.
  7. Continue to [[Using-SCCP_Manager-to-Manage-chan-sccp]]

Historic Plugin Modules

These are third-party modules, so please contact their developer if you have any questions/issues. They might need your help to update / fix and maintain, give them a shout.

Obsolete/Old Plugin Modules.