📜 Scripting Basics - camelCasing/alien-engine GitHub Wiki

This will show you the basics on scripting!

(I'm not giving tutorials for now, just throwing everything here for you to view and hopefully understand)

Script Types:

  • on_click - when you click a sprite

  • on_load - when the sprite is loaded in

  • on_start when the game is opened

  • on_render when the sprite is rendered

  • on_press_<key> when the specified key is pressed

  • on_release_<key> when the specified key is released

  • on_mouse_<dowm/up> when the left mouse button is pressed down or gone up

Just Code I guess

  • (abs means absolute and rel means relative)

  • spawn <sprite_name> <entity_id> <entity_x> <entity_y>

  • move <entity_id> <abs/rel> <x> <y>

  • print <everything in here will print>


  • set <name> <value> - creating

  • #<name> - referencing


  • #<keywork> - referencing
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