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Julius needs a version of Caesar 3 that has been patched to If you receive a message that you are running an unpatched game when you start Julius, you should use the links below to download the patch files for your language.


Extract the contents of the zip file for your language to the folder where your Caesar 3 installation is, and overwrite any files that are already present.

Note to Linux users: your file system is most likely case-sensitive, which may lead to duplicate files because one contains capital letters in the name and the other does not. Please take care when extracting and remove any old files with the same name as those in the zip file.


If you don't see your game's language here, please open an issue.

Language Notes
English (US) Official Sierra patch
French Official Sierra patch
German Official Sierra patch
Italian Official Sierra patch
Korean Required for compatibility with Julius: contains extra font files
Portuguese (Brazilian) Official patch, includes fan-provided voices for traders by Horieber Oliveira which were missing in the original
Russian 1C edition
Simplified Chinese Required for compatibility with Julius: contains message and a better readable font
Spanish Official Sierra patch
Swedish Also contains fixes for å not displaying properly
Traditional Chinese Required for compatibility with Julius: contains a better readable font