PP Bible - brennfeu/pp-bot Wiki

Steam Game

There's a steam game inspired by the bot. It's still in beta and more or less abandoned, but it's there.
You can take a look at it here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1422150/PP_Puncher/

PP Arbitrator

Bot Invite Link: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=535822887114768405&scope=bot
PP Punch Server: https://discord.gg/BsYfmjG
This bot allows you to play PP Punch Duels in discord. It's actually an rpg strategy fighting game.

NOTE: If you want to learn about the bot for the first time, I'd recommend you use the '[tag_the_bot] tutorial' command.


Each turn, each fighter selects a move. Then, there is DEX roll: DEX+[0-50]. If the results are the same +-10, both fighters use their move.
Else, only the one with the higher result do.
When you miss a move, you get +5 DEX stackable effect. It gets back to normal when you manage to play a move.

Each move has specific actions, and only 5 are allowed for 1 turn. There are also events that may occur every turn.
When a STR value is at 0 or below, it means you lost!

Cheats and illegal moves:

You can try to cheat by using another move not allowed for this turn, but you have 50% chance to get caught.
If you don't have a charge but try using a priest move, you have 80% (regular move) or 95% (special move) chance getting caught.
You always get caught cheating animated / infernal moves.

If you get caught cheating and/or using an illegal move, you get -10 STR and -20 DEX, and you skip your turn. You have 10% chance being disqualified and automatically lose the fight.
You can't get caught if the arbitrator is blind.


70 STR = The strength of your moves, and also is your HP.
30 DEX = The probability to hit your move, against the DEX of your opponent.

Both stats have no cap, meaning they can go higher and higher. They can also be negative, though having negative STR means death.

Fighting Styles:

Big PP: +10 STR, -5 DEX.
Fast PP: +5 DEX, -10 STR.
Drunken PP: -15 DEX, 1/2 chance to be immune to pain and get no damage.
Alien PP: -10 STR, +3 haemorrhage on opponent when attacked.
Hockey Puck PP: -45 STR, -45 DEX hahaha!

Having them all grants the Ultimate PP, which grants 50+10*[number of styles obtained in battle] STR and DEX.


"this.STR" means the STR value of the fighter using the move.
"opponent.STR" means the STR value of the opponent of the fighter using the move.
"Illegal(X%)" means that the move is illegal and the judge has X% chance to catch you.

Common Moves:

Flex Bro: Gives to the fighter between 30 and 200 STR. -20 DEX to hit.
High Five Bro: If both fighters use this move, they both win.
(Alternate Effect): If both fighters use this move, they both win, if move passes, inflicts 10 + this.STR/10 damage.
Hologram / Middle Finger: Inflicts 500 damage to your opponent. -40 DEX to hit.
Punching PP: Inflicts 10 + this.STR/10 damage to your opponent.
Punching PP Really Hard: Inflicts 20 + this.STR/8 damage to your opponent. -10 DEX to hit.

Regular Moves:

Alert: Plays the same move you picked the turn before. If used as the first move, plays a random one instead.
Barrel: Doubles every damage for this turn. Always plays, has priority.
(Alternate Effect): Both fighters take 200 damage.
Big Guy: Sets your opponent's DEX at 0 next turn. Always plays.
Big Satan: Each fighter play 5 random moves. (3 out of them are forced to be legal ones). -20 DEX to hit.
(Alternate Effect): Send back all attacks damage for 3 turns.
Bombardment: Inflicts 1000 damage to both fighters. Illegal(60%).
Boomerang: Makes your moves happen twice for the next 3 turns.
Brennijov / Brenn: Randomly shuffles every fighter's STR and DEX (+-50).
Brocketeer Dive: Inflicts 10 + this.STR/10 damage to your opponent. Opponent gets 0 DEX next turn. Illegal(25%).
Bronan Slam: Gets a one-time 5x damage multiplier, sets DEX at 0 until you land a hit. Stacks and always plays if already charging.
Bullet: Inflicts 20 + this.STR/5 damage to your opponent. Both fighters lose 20 DEX. -20 DEX to hit.
Cheers Bro: Grants Drunken PP (and its bonuses) for the battle and +5 DEX. If the player did not have a drunken PP, gets +10 DEX instead of +5 DEX. Always plays.
Confused: Plays a random move.
Dead Bro: Grants Fast PP (and its bonuses) for the battle and +5 DEX. Always plays.
Disemboweled: Inflicts 25 damage. Increase Kidney Curse by 1.
Explosion (only appear after "Suicide Mook" has been used): If a suicide bombing has been planned, inflicts 5000 damage to the opponent. Illegal(40%).
(Alternate Effect): If has N-Word pass, inflicts 5000 damage to the opponent, else self inflict the damage.
Facehugged: Illegal moves can be used freely next turn. Has 33% chance to be permanent. Illegal(60%).
Facehugger: Opponent has his STR divided by 2 and gets Alien PP. -10 DEX to hit.
Headless: Inflicts 50 damage. Increase Kidney Curse by 1.
High Five Emote: Holds the attack selection for the next turn. If the arbitrator was blind, unblinds him and the user recieves +20 DEX. The move always passes if the arbitratory is blind.
HoBro: Reverses healing and damage for this turn. Always plays, gets priority.
Knockback: Reverses the natural STR values between you and your opponent. -10 DEX to hit.
Laughing Soul: Uses a random gods regular and special moves. Works for both fighters when used by non-fighters. Illegal(20%).
(Alternate Effect): Heals 50 STR per moves your opponent missed.
Living God / Soup Calhoun: Grants 10000 STR and 10000 DEX. Always plays. Illegal(98%).
(Alternate Effect): Grants a random Requiem.
Meat Bro: Removes all bad status effects. Cannot be circumcised after that. +20 DEX to hit.
Melt Bro: Returns 10% of all attacks damage to your opponent for 3 turns.
Mook Grenade / Doom Reverse: If you get below 0 STR in the next 3 turns, you survive with 10 STR, but the item is used.
(Alternate Effect): Opponent takes 50 damage and has 0 DEX next turn.
Perhaps: Skips your turn. However if you have Ultimate PP, it has 4 possible outcome: Forces events to happen every turn, Tries to use the "Living God" move (33% chance), Doubles natural stats of both fighters, or Forces both fighters' DEX to 0.
Pregnant Bro: Grants Big PP (and its bonuses) for the battle and +20 STR. Always plays.
Piggy: Removes the boner and heals some STR per turn. It stacks based on the Fibonacci sequence, and moves up by 3 steps every time.
Red Pill: Grants +5 STR and +3 DEX. Both values are multiplied by the number of times this move has previously been used by the fighter.
Riot Shield: Grants a shield that will reflect the next attack damage on the opponent. Doesn't work on bosses. -20 DEX to hit.
Root Of Nuisance / Pudding: Abandons the fight (sets your health at -999999999).
Roundhouse Kick: Inflicts (20 + this.STR/5)*3 damage to your opponent. -10 DEX for this turn. Illegal(30%).
Satan: Possesses your opponent's PP. He will select the next attack as yours in the next turn. -10 DEX to hit.
Save Me Sign: Heals 50 STR, can be used by non-fighters in which case both fighters gets healed.
SawBlade: Adds this.STR/15 haemorrhage on the opponent.
Scout: Gets +20 DEX next turn. Always plays.
Spook Bro / Overcircumcised: Becomes immune to all bad status effect, and have your STR divided by 2. Cannot be overcircumcised or circumcised again after that. +20 DEX to hit.
Steel: Reduces every damage to 10% for this turn. Always plays, gets priority.
Suicide Mook: Plans a suicide bombing (allows to use the "Explosion" move). Illegal(40%).
(Alternate Effect): Gets N-Word Pass (allows to use the "Explosion" move).
Tank: Cannot get damaged this turn, inflicts 1000 damage to your opponent. The protection always plays. Illegal(80%).
Time Kick: Grants a Hockey Puck PP for the battle. If you didn't have one, gets +10 DEX.
Trap Sign: If the opponent uses his move this turn, he will have 0 DEX next turn. Always plays.
(Alternate Effect): If move passes, gets a doom-reverse.
Turkey Bomb: Both fighters heal 300 STR, but they also explode in 5 turns, dealing 1000 damage. Eating again resets the clock. Removes circumcision and turns overcircumcision into circumcision.
YES / Truffle Historian: A random fighter plays between 1 and 25 random moves. -20 DEX to hit.
(Alternate Effect): Grants a random god.

Infernal Moves:

These moves can appear in the movepool during Infernal Fireland. They can also very rarely appear in a normal fight, and they add 34 to the move count. You always get caught cheating these moves.

0x33s Aviators: Makes infernal abilities (guitar/synth solos) moves twice as powerful.
Bone Glove: Applies a bleed that's based on the next attacks damage. Illegal(60%).
Bone Helm: Your attacks damage are reduced by 10%, but 5% gets inflicted as bleed damage.
Brain Of Confusion: Makes the opponent choose a random move for 2 turns.
Demon Heart: Gets a random eldritch god and 5 madness points.
Gravity Globe: In reversed gravity, lower DEX allows to hit while higher doesn't. Always plays.
Hive Pack: Grants 10% chance every turn to put the opponent's DEX to 0 for 1 or 2 turns. +20% for first use.
Royal Gel: If no boss fight, summons a Pudding Blob that only attacks the opponent, else, makes the current boss focus the opponent next turn. Illegal(50%).
Shield Of Cthulhu: Grants a shield that will reflect the next 3 boss attacks. Charges stacks.
Shiny Stone: Heals you this.STR/10 HP whenever your move misses. Always plays.
Shrimpy Truffle: Grants a pet that will save you when you will take the decisive damage.
Soaring Insignia: Makes buffs have 50% chance to last a turn longer every turn.
Spore Sac: Increases acid armor effect from 10% to 25%. Acid armor has 90% chance to last a turn longer every turn.
Suspicious Looking Tentacle: Grants a tentacle. For each tentacle, inflicts this.STR/10 damage.
Volatile Gelatin: Whatever move that opponent last played, you play 1-5 times.
Worm Scarf: Becomes immune to attacks for 3 turns. Illegal(20%).

Animated Moves:

These moves can appear in the movepool during PP Armageddon. They can also very rarely appear in a normal fight, and they add 34 to the move count. You always get caught cheating these moves.

Boom Loop: All damage are doubled for 7 turns.
Cage / Sacrifice: Uses the normal and special moves of 5 random gods. Illegal(20%).
Cageless: Grants an extra life. When used, the characted is reset.
Dual Boom Loop: All fighters use their moves for 7 turns, no matter the DEX test results. Always plays.
Flag: Removes all bad status and dying within the next 3 turns will reverse STR with your opponent.
Satan Laughing: Reduces STR of both fighters to 1%.
Sign: Uses all moves except for the animated moves and "Root of Nuisance".
Singular Explosion: Inflicts 1000000000 damage to both players in 5 turns. Using the move again resets the clock.
Super Checkpoint: Saves the current state of the battle. When the battle ends, it will go back to the save state.
Triggered: Transforms one god to Salt King. If the fighter has 3 Salt Kings, the opponent uses the "RootOfNuisance" move.

Rare Moves:

These moves can appear very rarely at any moment.

Eye Of Truth: Generates and plays 3 moves based on your discord ID.
Fherla Strawberry Girl: Both players gets insane amounts of damage (or heal if in christian mode).
Melodia Mel: Activates uwu talk. Other moves can now change how the bot speaks.
sex: Triggers a boss fight that if beaten, doubles the PP points given by the fight.


These moves appear in the movepool only if specific conditions are met.

punchPP: Triggers all the fighter's gods regular moves.
PUNCHPP: Triggers all the fighter's gods special moves.
Special Ability: If has a requiem ability, stops time. If has an instrument, uses its powers. If has the PP Harem synergy, uses the Eye of Truth move. If has the House of Atreus stånd, heals 30 HP.
PP Colossus: If fighter has 5 or more status effects, gets both stats multiplied by 10 for one turn. 10 turns cooldown. Always plays.
obamahedron: Both fighters get insane amounts of STR.
obamasphere: Both fighters get insane amounts of DEX.
obomba: Both fighters get damaged the amount of their own STR.
espinoze: espinoze.
FriedEspinoza: FriedEspinoza.


Each fighter also gets 3 randomly chosen Gods from the Holy Pantheon of PP. Each one of them grants special abilities that are used when using the punchpp (regular) move or the PUNCHPP (special) move. When using one of these 2 moves, you in fact use every regular or special move your Gods bless you with.
You can also select gods instead of having them randomly chosen, by using the "custom" command.

- 700IQ:
Regular move: Heals half of the total taken damage.
Special move: Transforms one of the opponent's god to 700IQ. If the opponent only has 700IQ Gods, the fighter wins.

- Brenn:
Regular move: Adds 5 haemorrhage to the opponent.
Special move: Gets an extra life.

- Chad Brenn:
Regular move: Gets a random waifu.
Special move: Gets the best stats out of the 2 fighters.

- Country Music Brenn:
Regular move: The Pig buff gets 3 times more efficient.
Special move: The Opponent gets an Hockey Puck PP.

- DickDickSon666:
Regular move: +20% of power when chosen by TruffleHistorian / YES move and cancels all the opponent's eldritch god moves. If both fighters have used this move, summons Cthulhu next turn.
Special move: BigSatan is the only available move until its 1/4 chance to stop.

- Fabio:
Regular move: Heals 50*[number of turns] STR.
Special move: For 5 turns, each fighter chose his opponent's move.

- Fabulous Toast Man:
Regular move: If possible, gets a random new god that's not already in the movepool.
Special move: Deals this.STR*[number of gods]/10 damage.

- Hello There Puds:
Regular move: Has [50 + this.STR - opponent.STR] % chance to inflict 100 damage.
Special move: Gets as much natural DEX as natural STR.

- Hermit:
Regular move: Gets a random eldritch god every 2 uses.
Special move: Gets a random Stand ability.

- LeprePuds:
Regular move: Gets 50% chance not to get caught by the arbitartor for 3 turns, removes bad luck.
Special move: If negative DEX, get DEX = 0, then get +20 DEX.

- Minecraft Villager:
Regular move: Gets a new Special Charge in 3 turns.
Special move: Gets a new Regular Charge in 3 turns.

- Mongo:
Regular move: Heals 50HP.
Special move: Can cheat while having 1000 STR or more.

- Ranger:
Regular move: Use both flex and intimidate.
Special move: Fire 2 bullets, twice the number of bullets if the enemy is a furry.

- Salt King:
Regular move: Opponent's bleed damage are 5 times stronger.
Special move: Steals 1/4 of DEX of the opponent.

- STFU Isaac:
Regular move: Forces a random person from the server to use the Save move.
Special move: The opponent's illegal moves will always get caught.

- The Man Who made a Monster:
Regular move: Heals 3 STR each turns. Effect stacks.
Special move: In 3 turns, uses the Tank move.

- UREGonnaGetWHAT:
Regular move: Gets a boner (+50 STR and -20 DEX). Inflicts (this.STR-(this.DEX/2))/5 damage.
Special move: Both fighters gets a boner. Inflicts STR/2 damage.


When you get a Weeb PP, you get access to Waifus. They work the exact same way as gods.

- Ais:
Regular move: Has 33% chance to trigger when attacked. Reduced damage to 50% and inflicts this.STR/10 damage. Do not stacks.
Special move: Plays the "Sword" move 5 times.

- Akame:
Regular move: Has doubled DEX for this turn and next turn.
Special move: If manages to hit the opponent this or next turn, places a curse that will kill him at the end of the turn.

- C.C.:
Regular move: Allows to use the PP Colossus move with only 3 status effects, for a 2 times lesser version.
Special move: Gets 5% chance to possess the enemy every turn.

- Echidna:
Regular move: Next attack will inflict twice the damage.
Special move: Heals opponent.STR HP.

- Hu Tao:
Regular move: Sacrifices 30% of STR. For 5 turns, your attacks deal 5% of STR more damage, and will inflict 5% of the opponent's STR damage at his next turn.
Special move: Inflicts this.STR/5 damage, and heals the same amount. If lower STR than your opponent, increase the value by 50%.

- Jibril:
Regular move: If has higher DEX, attacks will also inflict the difference of DEX damage.
Special move: Inflicts this.STR*5 damage. Loses 90% of STR.

- Kaguya:
Regular move: Gets 10% chance to ignore illegality. Stacks.
Special move: Opponent has 75% chance not to play his move for 5 turns.

- Kurisu:
Regular move: +15 DEX for 5 turns. Skips the last turn.
Special move: Cancels all 5 last taken damage attacks.

- Megumin:
Regular move: Grants 5 explosion magic points.
Special move: Grants 3 explosion magic points and inflicts this.STR * [magic points] / 10 damage. Has 0 DEX for the next 3 turns.

- Mikasa:
Regular move: Gets +50 STR and +10 DEX for 3 turns. Builds up 50 damage.
Special move: Will now use the moves twice. Stacks with the boomerang.

- Priestess:
Regular move: Heals 10 STR.
Special move: Opponent cannot use his gods' powers.

- Ryuko:
Regular move: Stackable Effect that grants +5% critical hit.
Special move: Gets +200 STR and +20 DEX. Looses 20 STR per turn. Stops at 40- STR.

- Senjougahara:
Regular move: Inflict this.STR/10 damage, and add this.STR/10 haemorrhage to the opponent.
Special move: Opponent loses 20 DEX.

- Tohru:
Regular move: Triggers Infernal Fireland, allows to play any Infernal Fireland next turn, skips the opponent's next turn.
Special move: Triggers PP Armageddon, allows to play any PP Armageddon next turn, skips the opponent's next turn.

- Zero Two:
Regular move: Gets stackable +20STR and +5DEX.
Special move: Has 8 times 10% chance to inflict STR/10 damage when hit.

Eldritch Ones:

When you become a PP Expert, you get access to Eldritch Gods. They work the exact same way as gods, except they all have a passive ability, and you cannot have more than one eldritch god.

- Ancient Fungus (Demonic Truffle Historian):
Regular move: Gets a special charge, removes the opponent's charges.
Special move: Plays 50 random moves.
Special Effects: Starts with the "eldritch friendly" effect (see the "DickDickSon666" regular move).

- Cthulhu (Great Priest of the Outer Gods):
Regular move: Gets a special charge, and a stackable effect that inflicts 10 damage per turn.
Special move: Gives the opponent 15 madness stacks (see "The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos" ability).
Special Effects: Starts with 100 STR and a Cthulhu Shield stack.

- D.I.C.K. (Fallen King of PP Punching):
Regular move: Gets a special charge, overcircumcised and +10DEX.
Special move: Multiply strength by 10, then uses the move "Punch PP Really Hard".
Special Effects: Starts with another random god.

- Empress Theresa (Eldritch Joan of Arc):
Regular move: Grants supply drops.
Special move: Gains +1 DEX every turn.
Special Effects: Every time an Empress Theresa move is triggered, grants +5 DEX. Summons Wyndoella if used more than 5 times.

- Espinoza (Greatest Waifu Stealer):
Regular move: Steals 10 DEX.
Special move: Drains 1/3 of the opponent's HP.
Special Effects: Steals waifus after 30 played moves.

- Satan (Lord of Terror):
Regular move: Gets a special charge, remove all bad status and possess the opponent for 2 turns.
Special move: Next move will be played 10 times.
Special Effects: Cannot get possessed by the "Satan" move and plays all 10 "BigSatan" moves.

- Time Cube (4 Simultaneous Days Theory):
Regular move: Skips player turn and forces them to use to use a random move.
Special move: Stops time for 1 turn.
Special Effects: Starts with 3 stacks of RedPill addiction.

Gods Synergies:

- PP Harem:
[Every Regular Gods, Waifus and Eldritch Gods] = Doubles STR and DEX. The SpecialAbility move also triggers the Eye of Truth move.

- A Sad Witness:
Espinoza + UREGonnaGetWHAT + STFUIsaac = Builds up 10 damage every turn.

- Cosmopolitan:
[Any Regular God] + [Any Waifu] + [Any Eldritch God] = +5 DEX and +15 STR.

- Holy Brenn Trinity:
Brenn + Chad Brenn + Country Music Brenn = Grants 5 STR per turn.

- Roleplay Group:
Hermit + Salt King + Brenn = Acid and Bleed damage are healing instead of damaging.

- Unholy Pudding Trinity:
HelloThere Puds + UREGonnaGetWHAT + DickDickSon666 = Inflicts 5 damage to the opponent every turn.

- Avatar of Tz'arkan:
Hermit + Satan = +50 STR.

- Big Nose:
Minecraft Villager + Espinoza = Makes espinoza's moves twice as powerful.

- Debilus Team:
Salt King + Brenn = Cannot have a negative DEX.

- Eldritch Gang:
DickDickSon666 + [Any Eldritch God] = Has 10% chance for attacks to happen twice.

- Extreme Karma:
Leprepuds + Salt King = If takes critical damage, next damage will be critical.

- Garbage Music Maker:
Brenn + Country Music Brenn = The opponent gets +1 haemorrhage per turn.

- Guerrier de l'Enfer:
Mongo + Satan = Can cheat the "Sword" move.

- Infinite Intellect:
700IQ + Time Cube = Reverses the use of RootOfNuisance to the opponent (when chosen move).

- Master of Time:
Time Cube + Kurisu = Doubles time stop durations.

- Obvious Tentacle Joke:
Cthulhu + [Any Waifu] = Each tentacle attack gives 1 stack of acid.

- Ram Ranch:
Fabio + Country Music Brenn = Event that plays at the start of the match (won't work if acquired later in the battle). Both fighters starts with boner status effect.

- Salt Master:
Salt King + The Man who Made a Monster = Drinking salty tears also damage the opponent by the same amount.

- Super Predator:
700IQ + Espinoza = +10 DEX.

- Too Much Dicks:
DickDickSon666 + D.I.C.K. = Increase direct damage by 10.

- Too smart and too powerful:
700IQ + The Man who Made a Monster = Never get disqualified when getting caught.

- Waifu Body Pillow:
Chad Brenn + [Any Waifu] = Direct damage are reduced by 10.

- Wild Mage:
Brenn + Cthulhu = Gets 10% chance to change the current move by any move.

- Yaoi Fan:
Fabio + Fabulous Toast Man = Has 10% chance having a gay turn.


Stånds are summoned when a fighter performs a specific move combo. When done, the opponent gets a random stånds if he doesn't get one in the same turn, and the duel is now in "Stånd Battle Mode".
When this occurs, each fighter is now replaced by his Stånd, and only Stånds Moves are available. When a Stånd is killed, the duel switches back to the original fighters. If the opponent's Stånd was killed, the fighter gets 10 Quickening Stacks (See "Brolander" Stånd Move). If a fighter's Stånd is still alive at the end of a fight, he keeps the powers from his Stånd, and his Requiem if he had one.
Stånds starts with 150 STR and 40 DEX, and each one of them has a specific characteristic.

- Above the Light:
Summon Combo: Satan, BigSatan.
Special Effects: Heals 1/3 of the damage inflicted.

- Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time:
Summon Combo: BigSatan, Alert.
Special Effects: Gets a random synergy every turn.

- Black Clouds & Silver Linings:
Summon Combo: MookGrenade, Boomerang.
Special Effects: Starts with 80 STR and an Extra Life. Black Clouds has +50 STR, Silver Linings has +10 DEX.

- Concepts of Maths:
Summon Combo: RedPill, Perhaps.
Special Effects: Gets a Quickening Stack every turn (See "Brolander" Stånd Move).

- Cybion:
Summon Combo: Steel, Perhaps.
Special Effects: Is immune to negative effects. Has 25% chance to perform a move twice. Has 25% chance to cancel the opponent's move.

- Fantasien 1998:
Summon Combo: PunchingPPReallyHard, RedPill.
Special Effects: If lower STR than the opponent, sword moves inflicts opponent.STR - this.STR.

- Illud Divinum Insanus:
Summon Combo: Flex, YES.
Special Effects: If the opponent has more DEX than STR, he dies.

- Metal Resistance:
Summon Combo: Steel, RiotShield.
Special Effects: Has 25% chance to trigger a waifu regular move when damaged.

- Parallel Minds:
Summon Combo: Perhaps, Perhaps.
Special Effects: If both stånds does the same move, gets +15 STR and +5 DEX.

- Shadow Gallery:
Summon Combo: Satan, RootOfNuisance.
Special Effects: The fighter who loses the stånd fight uses the RootOfNuisance move and the one who wins gets an extra life.

- Somewhere in Time:
Summon Combo: MeatBro, Steel.
Special Effects: Has +5 DEX and all damage are reduced by 10.

- Space Metal:
Summon Combo: Facehugger, Steel.
Special Effects: Starts with 5 Quickening Charges and inflicts 2 stacks of acid every attack.

- Refuge Denied:
Summon Combo: LaughSoul, Bullet.
Special Effects: When dealing 30 damage or more in one attack, gets +30 STR and +10 DEX.

- The Boreal Flame:
Summon Combo: Barrel, MeltBro.
Special Effects: Gets +200 STR and +50 DEX 10 turns after the stånd is being triggered.

- The House of Atreus:
Summon Combo: God Regular Move, Alert.
Special Effects: Can use the SpecialAbiilty Move which heals 30 HP.

- The Perfect Machine:
Summon Combo: Steel, LivingGod.
Special Effects: Is immune to negative effects. Gets a random ability from other Stånds every turn.

- The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos:
Summon Combo: Satan, YES.
Special Effects: Each attack gives the opponent a madness stack. It gives 3% chance per stack to damage itself. Each attack also has 10+[madness stacks]% chance to put the opponent's DEX at 0 for next turn.

- The Sham Mirrors:
Summon Combo: Satan, Alert.
Special Effects: Has 25% chance to reflect damage.

- Titans of Creation:
Summon Combo: Flex, Steel.
Special Effects: Gets healed instead of damaged for 3 turns. Each successful hit heals 10 HP.

- Virus:
Summon Combo: MeatBro, RedPill.
Special Effects: If STR is below or equal to 15, attacks inflicts 100 times the normal damage.

Stånds Moves:

Acid Shot: Opponents gets between 5 and 10 stackable damage and inflicts 10 damage when get hit for 5 turns.
AmmoCrate: Next move will happen 3 times.
Brolander: Stackable effect that grants +3 at all damage and heals and +1 DEX.
Eldritch Pudding: Looses 50 STR. Stackable effect that inflicts 10 damage per turn. Has 10% chance to get the effect 100 times stronger.
Freedom: Removes the opponent's mask.
HellDog Head: Puts on the Intimidation Mask. Opponents gets -20 DEX.
Lost Soul: Inflicts (5+this.STR/10)*[consecutive_uses] damage.
Mech: If ONLY the opponent plays his move, inflicts 50 damage to the opponent.
Rage Satan: Inflicts 20 + this.STR/8 damage.
Satan Head: Puts on the Satan Mask. +50 STR.
Satan Hand: Gets a Requiem Ability for the cost of 10 quickening charges.
Satan Skull: Inflicts 20 + this.STR/8 damage twice. -20 DEX for this turn.
Signpost: Gets +10 DEX, +10 bonus damage to attacks and +15% chance to critical hit.
Sword: If the fighter has more STR than the opponent, inflicts this.STR-opponent.STR damage. If not, inflicts 10 + this.STR/10 damage.
Xeno Head: Puts on the Xeno Mask. +10 DEX.
Xenomorph: Inflicts this.DEX/2 damage.


Stånds can evolve into a "Requiem" version of itself. This makes the Stånd have +200 STR and +30 DEX as well as having a new random ability. This new ability is triggered when performing the SpecialAbility move that can appear randomly.
To evolve, one's Stånd must have at least 10 Quickening Charges (see "Brolander" move) and use the "Satan Hand" move.

Requiem moves always happens, no matter the DEX. Requiem moves have a 5 turns cooldown and add 1000 to the move count.
When the time stops, damage are delayed, you can't get caught cheating and opponents without a requiem can't choose a move.

All Traps on Earth: Stops time for 5 turns. Gets all other effects (except Iamthemorning and Porcupine Tree).
DayDream XI: Stops time for 3 turns. For the next 3 turns, turn changes effects happen 3 times per turn.
Etrange: Stops time for 1 turn. Makes all the opponent's taken damage happen again twice.
Flying Colors: Stops time for 1 turn. Heals all the fighter's taken damage.
Hawkwind: Stops time for 1 turn. Removes the opponent's extra lives and auto-kills him in 10 turns.
Iamthemorning: Stops time for 3 turns. While time is stopped, the opponent is possessed (see "Satan" move).
Majestic: Stops time for 1 turn. Gets an extra life, that when used will get back to the current state.
Porcupine Tree: Stops time for 10 turns. Cancels all PP Arbitrator messages for 3 turns.
Witherfall: Stops time for 1 turn. The opponent looses his requiem. Gives +10% chance to randomly stop time for 1 turn every turn.


Infernal Fireland: Plays when 100 moves or more have been used. Each fighter gets 1000 STR. Grants access to new moves. Also grants access to the SpecialAbility move which allows to trigger your instrument's special powers.
PP Armageddon: Plays when 1 000 moves or more have been used. Each fighter gets 1000000 STR and 200 DEX. Each turn, they loose 5 000 STR. Grants access to new moves.
Heat Death of the Universe: Plays when 10000 moves or more have been used. All duels automatically ends.

Christian Game: Has 10% chance occuring at the beginning of a duel. Game uses christian vocabulary.
Root of Nuisance: Has 5% chance occuring at the beginning of a duel. Boss fights random summon during the fight.
Wild Start: Has 5% chance occuring at the beginning of a duel. Both fighters gets +1000000000 STR.
Weeb: Has 10% chance occuring at the beginning of a duel. Boss fight.

Other events have 1% chance to play each turn and only one event can occur per turn. Some events can only appear after a number of used moves.

Accidental Summoning (30+ moves): Someone accidentaly plays Psychodiös on his phone and it summons Satan and the Ancient Fongus.
Alternate PP Universe: Some moves have slightly different effects.
Ascension: Someone accidentaly plays Ascend on his phone and both players become Living Gods.
Ascension Requiem (100+ moves): Someone accidentaly plays Ascend [EarRape Version] 20k Subscribers Special on his phone and both players gets a Requiem Ability.
Bizarre PP Battle: Both players get a Stånd.
Blood Moon: If someone dies this turn, STR automatically stays at 10 but the remaining damage goes positive in the DEX.
Brenn Ejaculates (50+ moves): Triggers every other event except boss events.
Cthulhu Awakens (30+ moves): You have to beat Cthulhu by punching his huge PP in order to save the world. While cthulhu is alive, every direct damage goes to his PP and he attacks randomly one fighter per turn. Both fighters always attack, and they both win if they beat him.
Day of the PP Equality: All moves grants no DEX modifier for this turn.
Eldritch Gate (1000+ moves): Boss fight against Satan.
Free Lives Riot (2% chance): Boss fight, desn't end the fight when it's defeated.
Gods Birthday Gift (10% chance, 10+ moves): Gives a regular priest move charge to both fighters.
Gods Christmas Gift (3% chances, 25+ moves): Gives a special priest move charge to both fighters.
Huge Gay Night: Each fighter choses his opponent's move for this turn.
Ikea Riot: Boss fight, desn't end the fight when it's defeated.
King of Heroes (10% chance, 5+ moves): Boss fight against Gilgamesh.
Mega Movepool: 20 random moves are allowed for this turn.
Nudist Beach: Both fighters gets negative effects removed.
Obamium (1000+ moves): Movepool gives access to 3 more moves: Obamahedron (both players gets random STR), Obamasphere (both players gets random DEX) and Obomba (kills both fighters).
Penis Inquisition: The fighter with the higher STR value gets damaged by STR/10.
Punching Neighborhood (3% chance): The duel's move count increases every turn.
PP-Net Rising (10% chance): PP-Net grows more sentient and gets more powers...
PP Blessing (30+ moves): Every fighter gets every god and every fighting style.
PP Enlightenment: All moves can now be used for this turn. Illegal moves are still illegal.
PP Purge: Illegal moves can now be used freely but the judge can still see you if you use unavailable moves.
Root of Nuisance: Triggers Pudding Blob boss fights throughout the duel.
Sexual Confusion: PPs are now only able to use the confused move for this turn.
Tragedy: Skips a turn.
Wyndoella kills Pudding (1000+ moves): Ultimate Boss Fight. Only Heat Death of the Universe allows to win.


Gilgamesh will occasionaly spawn with random relics and attack you. When you beat someone that holds relics, you get them for yourself. Each relic is unique, so only one fighter may have a particular relic in each fight.

Aeolia: Grants +1 DEX evey turn.
Amogus Plush: When someone attacks the fighter, they have 50% chance to get a madness stack.
Brocas Helm: Reduces attack damage by 15%.
Door Bro License: When damaging an opponent, has a 25% chance to inflict 50% additional damage.
Holy Prepuce: Has 25% chance to activate every turn. Heals either 10, or the fighter's DEX, whichever the higher number is.
Legato: Grants +10% STR each turn.
Nerdy Kiwi: Has 10% chance to activate every turn, grants a random waifu god.
Senjougahara Figure: Grants the Senjougahara god, and doubles the effect of their faith abilities.
Shark Suit: Grants +10% critical chance, +20 STR and +5 DEX.
Ultimate Bleach: Attacks have 10% chance to make the enemy confused.


When a duel starts, it picks a random terrain, each having their own effects.

Abandoned Island: Forces a Stånd battle at the start of the duel.
Allfaiths Temple: Increases the odds of getting faith charges.
Anime Convention: Increases the odds of encountering the Weeb boss.
Christian Settlement: Forces christian mode.
DIKEA: Multiples Ikea's Boss HP by 4.
Eldritch Cult HQ: Randomly forces the Alternate PP Universe event.
Eldritch Realm: Triggers PP Armageddon and all damage/heals gets multiplied by 1.5.
Espinoza's Palace: Triggers PP Armageddon and doubles Espinoza's chance to appear.
France: Ending a level with HighFiveBro grants twice the number of PP Points (doesn't stack with Mongo's effect).
High School: Increases the event trigger odds.
Infernal Fireland: Triggers Infernal Fireland.
Infinite Space: Triggers PP Armageddon and increases the odds of Wyndoella to spawn.
Ram Ranch: Triggers the Ram Ranch Synergy.


The game features many bosses to fight. During a boss fight, both fighters' moves always pass. Killing a boss grants +1DEX and +30STR for 10 turns.

- Cthulhu:
Stats: 10000 HP, deals 50 damage.
Spawn condition: "Cthulhu Awakening" Event.
Special: Both fighter wins when killed.

- Espinoza Raid Boss:
Stats: 1000000 HP, deals 1000 damage.
Spawn condition: When a boss dies, it has a low chance to be revealed that it was in fact Espinoza.
Special: Grants the "Weeb PP" role when defeated, which allows to get waifus.

- Free Lives HQ:
Stats: 500 HP, deals 20 damage.
Spawn condition: "Free Lives Riot" Event.

- Gilgamesh:
Stats: 100+400x HP, deals 10+20x damage.
Spawn condition: "King of Heroes" Event.
Special: Spawns with Relics.

- Ikea:
Stats: 500 HP, deals 40 damage.
Spawn condition: "Ikea Riot" Event.

- Moon Lord:
Stats: 500000 HP, deals 2000 damage.
Spawn condition: "Cthulhu Awakening" Event when there already is a Cthulhu boss fight.
Special: Grants the "PP Expert" role when defeated, which allows to get eldritch gods, and up to 4 gods instead of 3.
The "Cthulhu Awakening" Event grants the Moon Lord 500 000 additional HP.
The "Blood Moon" Event grants the Moon Lord twice the damage for this turn only.

- Obamium Espinoza:
Stats: 10^10 HP, deals 1000000 damage.
Spawn condition: If the "Obamium" event has been played, spawn in place of Raid Boss Espinoza.
Special: Grants the "Weeb PP" role when defeated, which allows to get waifus.

- PP Harvester:
Stats: 1500 HP, deals 50 damage.
Spawn condition: "PP Net Rising" Event (step 6).

- PP Police:
Stats: 750 (1st time) / 2000 (2nd time) HP, deals 30 damage.
Spawn condition: "PP Net Rising" Event (step 4 & 5).

- PP-Net Hive-Mind:
Stats: 20000 HP, deals 100 damage.
Spawn condition: "PP Net Rising" Event (step 8).
Special: Triggers PP Terminator boss fight when defeated.

- PP Terminator:
Stats: 1 500 HP, deals 25 damage.
Spawn condition: When PP-Net Hive-Mind has been defeated.
Special: Both fighter are in their start-game state.

- Pudding Blob:
Stats: 10*(number of played moves) HP, deals 2*(number of played moves) damage.
Spawn condition: "Root of Nuisance" Event.
Special: Grants the Boss-Killer effect for 3 turns instead of 10.

- Satan:
Stats: 500000 HP, deals 1000 damage.
Spawn condition: "Eldritch Gate" Event.
Special: Each turn, a random fighter gets possessed by his opponent.
The "Eldritch Gate" Event grants Satan 50 000 additional HP and 100 attack damage.
Cancel the use of BigSatan during the fight.
Triggers Satan True Form when defeated.

- Satan True Form:
Stats: 100000000 HP, deals 100000 damage.
Spawn condition: When Satan is defeated.
Special: Each turn, a random fighter gets possessed by his opponent.
The "Eldritch Gate" Event grants Satan True Form 500 000 additional HP and 1 000 attack damage.
Cancel the use of BigSatan during the fight.

- Sex-Starved Mongo:
Stats: (Sum of the fighters' STR)*10000 HP, deals 0 damage.
Spawn condition: "sex" Rare Move.
Special: When defeated, the fight will grant double the amount of PP Points.
Does not attack every turn. Instead, plays a random move from the same movepool the players have access to.

- Weeb:
Stats: 1 HP, deals 30 damage.
Spawn condition: "Weeb" Event.

- Wyndoella:
Stats: 10^99 HP, deals 10^99 damage.
Spawn condition: "Wyndoella kills Pudding" Event.
Special: Heat Death of the Universe kills Wyndoella, and both fighters win. However, if Wyndoella is killed by any other way, it resurrects.

Game Progression:

Basic PP Punching:

PP Level between 0 and 50. The game is limited to its most barebone state - only simple events and terrains can show up, regular moves only.
The goal of this phase is mainly to learn about how the game operates, and gaining as much PP Points as quickly as possible.

PP Mayhem:

PP Level at 50 and above. Unlocks most events, terrains, and other mechanics such as gods, stands, infernal fireland, pp armageddon, etc.
Some other elements are unlocked through higher PP Levels, but no new game mechanic.
This phase's final boss is Wyndoella, that may only appear if Espinoza and Cthulhu have been beaten by the fighters previously.

Infinite PP Annihilation:

When two fighters that have previously beaten Wyndoella fight each other, they will trigger world merging. Various random content packs will be added throughout world merges, which use a new stat: AET. The movepool increases in size for each world merged.

Gungeon Battalion:

In this content pack, you can gain followers (units), and make them attack your opponent (guns). You can also pray to various shrines to gain buffs, but only one shrine's buff may be active at the same time.
Using moves from this pack makes the fighters progress in the gungeon, going deeper and deeper through its 6 chambers. Chambers affect which Units moves may appear.


Ammo Shrine: Guns have 10% chance to trigger a second time. Always plays.
Angel Shrine: Decreases STR by 35%, increases Gun moves damage by 25%. Always plays.
Beholster Shrine: Skips the next 6 Guns moves, but uses a random one of those 6 moves every turn. Always plays.
Blank Shrine: Gets 20% chance to ignore the opponent's Guns move. Always plays.
Blood Shrine: Adds +this.haemorrhage to the Battalion Power to all Unit move. Always plays.
Challenge Shrine: Using a Unit move grants +1 DEX. Always plays.
Cleanse Shrine: Adds +this.AET to the Battalion Power to all Unit move. Removes all curse. Always plays.
Dice Shrine: Makes all unit moves have 10% chance to multiply BP by 2. Always plays.
Familiar Shrine: Each unit grants this.BP*0.2 more Battalion Poin. Always plays.
Glass Shrine: Cancels the next Gun move of the opponent. The blessing is removed afterwards. Always plays.
Hero Shrine: Triples the probability to get a jammed unit. Jams the Battalion. Always plays.
Junk Shrine: Allows the Junk move to appear in the movepool. Always plays.
Peace Shrine: Not picking a Gun move when one is available heals the player 35% of STR. Always plays.
YV Shrine: Using a gun move has 10% chance to trigger another random gun move. Always plays.


Agonizer: Grants this.AET+50 Battalion Power. Using a gun move will inflict an additional this.BP/2 damage but removes 50 Battalion Power. Always plays.
Bandana Bullet Kin: Grants this.AET+15+(this.BP0.2) Battalion Power. Always plays.
Bullet Kin: Grants this.AET+15+(this.BP
0.2) Battalion Power. Always plays.
Chain Gunner: Grants this.AET+90 Battalion Power. Always plays.
Chancebulon: Grants this.AET+50 Battalion Power. Has 10% chance to multiply BP by 2. Always plays.
Confirmed: Grants this.AET+45 Battalion Power. Always plays.
Cubulead: Grants this.AET+19*[number of uses] Battalion Power. Has 50% chance to count as 2 uses. Always plays.
Cubulon: Grants this.AET+30*[number of uses] Battalion Power. Always plays.
Gun Nut: Grants this.AET+100 Battalion Power. Always plays.
Gunreaper: Grants this.AET Battalion Power. Makes using a Gun move grant 5 turns of Killer Adrenaline. Always plays.
Killithid: Grants this.AET+45+[steals 10% of your opponent's BP] Battalion Power. Always plays.
Lord Of The Jammed: Grants this.AET Battalion Power. Makes using a Gun move grant 5 turns of Killer Adrenaline. Always Jammed. Always plays.
Muzzle Flare: Grants this.AET+16 Battalion Power. Makes Gun moves always play. Always plays.
Muzzle Wisp: Grants this.AET+19 Battalion Power. Makes Gun moves always play. Always plays.
Phaser Spider: Grants this.AET+60 Battalion Power. Always plays.
Shelleton: Grants this.AET+78 Battalion Power. Always plays.
Skullet: Grants this.AET+16+(this.BP0.2) Battalion Power. Always plays.
Skullmet: Grants this.AET+22+(this.BP
0.2) Battalion Power. Always plays.
Spectral Gun Nut: Grants this.AET+54 Battalion Power. Always Jammed. Always plays.


Abyssal Tentacle: Inflicts this.BP damage to your opponent. +50% damage if jammed.
Elimentaler: Inflicts this.BP damage to your opponent. Encheeses the opponent for 3 turns. Always plays.
Dragunfire: Inflicts this.BP damage to your opponent. Adds this.BP/10 burning stacks to your opponent. Always plays.
Face Melter: Inflicts this.BP damage to your opponent. Adds this.BP/20 haemorrhage to your opponent.
High Dragunfire: Inflicts this.BP damage to your opponent. Adds this.BP/5 burning stacks to your opponent. Always plays.
Hyper Light Blaster: Inflicts this.BP+this.DEX damage to your opponent.
Makeshift Cannon: Inflicts this.BP*3 damage to your opponent. Sets this.BP to 1.
Rad Gun: Inflicts this.BP damage to your opponent. +30% damage if not jammed.
Rusty Sidearm: Inflicts this.BP damage to your opponent. Always plays.
Vorpal Gun: Inflicts this.BP damage to your opponent. Has 20% chance to double damage.
Yari Launcher: Inflicts this.BP damage to your opponent. Removes your opponent's shrine.

Other Moves:

Gnawed Key: Appears only in the 3rd chamber, sends both fighters to the Resourceful Rat's Lair. Always plays.
Gun Soul: When tanks lethal damage, clears all bad status effects and sets natural STR to 35% of your opponent's natural STR. Attaining 100% of your opponent's STR at the time grants the effect back. Always plays.
Holey Grail: Gets 50% chance to use a Gun move whenever takes damage from an opponent. Always plays.
Junk: If has the Junk Shrine's Blessing, grants this.AET*2 Battalion Power. Always plays.
Lich's Eye Bullets: Makes synergies require one less God. Always plays.
Old Knight's Flask: Heals 35% of this.STR, flask recharges after 2 turns. Always plays.
Partially Eaten Cheese: Can't be damaged for this turn. Always plays, gets priority.
Resourceful Sack: If the opponent uses a Gun move, steals 10% of the damage and refires it at the next Gun move, encheesing the opponent for 3 turns. Always plays.


- Advanced Dragun:
Stats: 5200 HP, deals 150 damage.
Spawn condition: When the High Dragun is defeated, if the Rat has been beaten previously.

- High Dragun:
Stats: 3200 HP, deals 80 damage.
Spawn condition: End of the fifth chamber.

- Lich:
Stats: 6500 HP, deals 500 damage.
Spawn condition: End of the sixth chamber.

- Mechanical RAT:
Stats: 3515 HP, deals 100 damage.
Spawn condition: When the Resourceful Rat is defeated.

- Punch-Out Rat:
Stats: 5000 STR.
Spawn condition: When the Mechanical Rat is defeated.
Special: Disables the Gungeon Moves, uses the Punching PP move.

- Resourceful RAT:
Stats: 1480 HP, deals 70 damage.
Spawn condition: When the Resourceful Rat is defeated.


Chosen by the Fungus: Obtain significant power from the Ancient Fungus!
Don't Force Love: Possess your opponent and force them to high five you!
Illegal but Powerful: Show your opponent what a good kick is!
No Weak Point: Survive the hologram move through sheer strength alone!
Punch PP: Win your first battle!
Punch PP Really Hard: Beat the game!
Unbeatable: Resurrect by cranking your hog!


To use a command, send a message following the template: "(tag the bot) (command) (optional argument)".
achievements: sends a list of all achievements.
cheatpanel (category): allows you to react to any emote, allowing to cheat every move if you don't have access to the emote. If a cateory is specified, only that category will appear.
cheat (emote name): reacts this emote for you.
custom: allows you to change your PP fighting style and your gods.
duel @someone: starts a duel against the tagged person.
hug @someone: starts a christian duel against the tagged person.
help: gets a link to the PP Bible.
punch @someone: Sends a PP Punch gif.
quit: abandons the battle.
rank (@someone): sends your/someone's global rank.
ranks (full): sends the top 10(500) PP Punchers.
react: same as the cheat command.
training: starts a battle against the bot.
tutorial: starts the tutorial.