Meeting 16 Notes 05.06.2021 - bounswe/2021SpringGroup5 Wiki

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Action Items

Responsible Action Due Date
Everyone Create their own APIs and unit tests 06.06.2021, 13:00
Kemal will add the remaining url connections to the home app when others push their urls
Everyone reviews 06.06.2021, 23:59
Salih, Mehmet Fatih, Berkay learn database and uploading AWS 06.06.2021, 23:59
Furkan Docker 07.06.2021, 12:00
Everyone will documentate their own code and clear summary of work done 07.06.2021, 12:00
Kemal will write challanges we met as a group 07.06.2021, 12:00
Didem will create the summary of the project and overall status 07.06.2021, 12:00
Ozan will documentate all the work> 07.06.2021, 12:00
Ozan will organize the document of work done by each team member 07.06.2021, 12:00
Didem will prepare the evaluation of tools and processes you have used to manage your team project 07.06.2021, 12:00
Umut will list the status of deliverables (Code documentation,API documentation, practice-app 07.06.2021, 12:00
Umut will prepare the project plan 07.06.2021, 12:00
Everyone will prepare the basic functionality of their project 07.06.2021, 12:00
Salih, Mehmet Fatih, Berkay URL of your deployed app cation (including any information we may need to test your application)
&& API URL (documented) – this part was described in detail in your assignment description 07.06.2021, 12:00