1. Account Set Up - bcb420-2022/RuoXuan_Wang Wiki


Set up repository, personal page info, and start journal entries. Install Docker.


Time estimated: 2 h; taken 4 h;
date started: 2022-01-13; date completed: 2022-01-14



  1. Submitted issue so I could be added
  2. Student Wiki Page created, but may need to change format/add more info
  3. This is the first entry of my course journal on the repo wiki

also added a link to this page from Home page

  1. Added links to wiki and repo to the main Student Wiki page
  2. downloaded and installed docker for Mac (v 4.4.2) from https://www.docker.com/products/docker-desktop
  3. created a new image and container from the bcb420 Dockerfile
  • navigated to directory for BCB420
  • Using the command docker run -e PASSWORD=changeit -v "$(pwd)":/home/rstudio/projects -p 8787:8787 risserlin/bcb420-base-image:winter2022
  • encountered error: docker: Error response from daemon: error creating temporary lease: write /var/lib/desktop-containerd/daemon/io.containerd.metadata.v1.bolt/meta.db: read-only file system: unknown.
  • worked after checking and clearing space, and restarting docker



Docker basics:

Conclusion and outlook