4. Coding - andreasdahl1987/DahlDesignDDC Wiki

Now that the electronics are sorted, time to build the firmware. You might already have a project where the wiring is set and you're looking to change your firmware to DDC. Then this is where you start.

Software requirements

The sketch

Download the repository. You only need the folder called DahlDesignDDC. The firmware is organized in many .ino files. The way this works is that Arduino IDE will read these files as a single, big file, starting with the main file DahlDesignDDC.ino, and then reading the rest in alphabetical order. Hence the numbering of all the other .ino files.

To open the sketch, open the DahlDesignDDC.ino file, Arduino IDE will automatically include all the other files. All the files are now available as tabs in Arduino IDE. Only some of these tabs are relevant to building your controller firmware, we'll go through it step by step.


 Name:		DahlDesignDDC.ino
 Author:	Andreas Dahl

#include <Joystick.h>

//Defining joystick parameters

    BUTTONCOUNT,    //Button count
    0,              //Hat switch count
    true,          //X axis, used for clutch
    true,          //Y axis, used for button mode field
    true,          //Z axis, used for encoder mode field
    false,         //Rx axis 
    true,          //Ry axis, used for bite point posting
    false,         //Rz axis 
    false,         //Rudder
    true,          //Throttle, used for dual clutch mode 4
    false,         //Accelerator
    true,          //Brake, used for dual clutch mode 4
    false);        //Steering

The only thing you need to think about here is setting the BUTTONCOUNT to the amount of buttons you controller will output. If you have a 12-way switch and 8 buttons that will typically be 20 buttons. But depends on how you let DDC use them. Imporant to update this if you add more button numbers, or the buttons will not be included in the controller. 128 is the maximum amount.

Example: #define BUTTONCOUNT 20

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