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Pricelist APIs

The Pricelist APIs are about creating and managing your "pricelists", which are lists of pricing details for given sets of products based on location criteria. Pricelist functionality includes APIs to upsert pricelists, list them, retrieve information on a particular pricelist, update inventory stock level for items on a particular pricelist, and remove a pricelist. Unlike the order management APIs, none of these functions require the seller to implement a callback function.

Each call to these APIs must pass an "Authorization" header containing a JWT token. See the Authenticate API for details on obtaining this JWT token. The call must also pass an "x-api-key" header containing an API key provided during onboarding.

The Pricelist APIs:
Upsert Pricelist
List Pricelist
Get Pricelist
Remove Pricelist

Example Use:

Suppose you want to set a price on a particular item in a particular state in the US. You could do this using the Upsert Pricelist API, setting the price on the item, the dates for which it applies, and the location details. It may be helpful to use the Outlet Query API in conjunction with this API to see which outlets correspond to these location details. In our example, you might give it the state code in order to see what outlets are there.

Once you'd made that pricelist, or perhaps several pricelists, you may want to see a list of all the pricelists you have made so far. You would use the List Pricelist API to do this.

If you wanted to retrieve information on a particular pricelist, you would use its name in conjunction with the Get Pricelist API to see its details. You could get this from the List Pricelist API, or use the name of a pricelist you just made using the Upsert Pricelist API.

Once you had that information, or perhaps right after your initial upsert, you may want to provide inventory information about the items on the pricelist, to update their stock level. You would take the details from the Get Pricelist API or which you'd just provided to the Upsert Pricelist API and use it in the Inventory API to update those items' stock level.

And finally, if you wanted to remove a pricelist so that it no longer had any effect, you could use the Remove Pricelist API with its name, acquired using the methods above.