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To understand what I am trying to achieve here, think a "level up" and understand that I want to create a system where it's easy to use whole applications as reusable components. For example, application developers might develop a social network or a blogging solution or a catalogue or directory solution and so on, using, say, Joomla. The idea is for it to be possible for these applications to be pre-packaged components provided by an application developer in the same way that components, modules and plugins are provided by an extensions developer. This ramps up the rapidity with which applications can be deployed because 3rd parties (maybe government bodies and so on) buy (possibly for money) thoroughly tested and reviewed applications and can roll them out simply by deploying them using this DMS solution. In this way you can have whole libraries of tried and tested applications that can be rapidly deployed without having to fiddle about finding a suitable template and making sure that the plugins and modules play nicely together because the application developer has already done that for you. If there's an application that has been developed which is a close fit for you but not exactly what you want you are free to take it as a trusted baseline and either customise it yourself or commission the application developer to tweak his application for your needs. What this would mean is that for "town A" a prebuilt social network application from one application developer, a prebuilt jobsboard from another application developer, a prebuilt community volunteering application from yet another application developer, a prebuilt advertising application could all be rolled out in short order, and, provide infrastructure for the town whilst the town next door is rolling out some other combination of similar applications. Right now, you have webmaster 1 struggling to build from the ground up something that webmaster 2 is also struggling to build something very similar again from the ground up and webmaster 3 also struggling to build something very similar, why not have one guy build a reusable solution that webmasters 1 to 2 and 3 can all roll out with at the very least minimal tweeks. In effect what I am talking about is basically installing joomla (or wordpress, or some other CMS) with a preconfigured set of plugins, modules and components that fit various application needs thereby gaining reuse traction and simply making the whole process a lot more efficient and possibly improve the quality of the final products.

The key innovation I want to stress here because it might seem to you that using a toolkit like this is "just a hosting solution", but, actually, the key innovation is to be able to deploy a primed and ready "plug and play" 3rd party CMS application out of the box just by changing the configuration parameters provided to this toolkit. To deploy a completely different application, say a Wordpress fully functional blog instead of a Joomla social network, once you are set up, might be as simple as changing 5 or 6 configuration parameters and hitting "build", now, to me that is quite powerful compared to some of the other solutions I have seen and is why I consider this a power tool.