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Video tutorials

You can find mostly CS:GO related video tutorials e.g. on Anthony Perfetto's YouTube channel and Alan Gaming's YouTube channel, some of which we have linked in the advancedfx YouTube account: https://www.youtube.com/user/advancedfx/playlists?view=50&sort=dd&shelf_id=1

Other tutorials

Beginner's section

Advanced section

Your first recording in CS:GO

Basic guide aimed at beginners, on how to use HLAE to record your first stream.

Smoother demos

A few commands and methods to use to reduce lag in demos.

Flash Removal

sv_cheats 1
mat_suppress "effects/flashbang.vmt"
mat_suppress "effects/flashbang_white.vmt"

To enable flash overlay again, enter both lines with mat_suppress again (meaning it works like a toggle).

If you want to bind them to a key use this:

bind <key> "mirv_cvar_unhide_all; sv_cheats 1; mat_suppress effects/flashbang.vmt; mat_suppress effects/flashbang_white.vmt"

Pressing the key will toggle flashes off/on.

Remove smoke from smoke grenades

mirv_streams edit streamName actionFilter add "particle/vistasmokev1/vistasmokev1_smokegrenade" noDraw
mirv_streams edit streamName actionFilter add "particle/vistasmokev1/vistasmokev1_fire" noDraw
mirv_streams edit streamName smokeOverlayAlphaFactor 0 // hides the smoke overlay when entering the smoke

Optional commands, if the previous ones weren't enough:

mirv_streams edit streamName actionFilter add "effects/overlaysmoke" noDraw
mirv_streams edit streamName actionFilter add "particle/vistasmokev1/vistasmokev1" noDraw
mirv_streams edit streamName actionFilter add "particle/vistasmokev1/vistasmokev1_emods" noDraw
mirv_streams edit streamName actionFilter add "particle/vistasmokev1/vistasmokev1_emods_impactdust" noDraw

Disable distance fading of props

sv_cheats 1
r_disable_distance_fade_on_big_props 1
r_disable_distance_fade_on_big_props_thresh 0

Remove graffiti

mirv_streams edit streamName actionFilter add "decals/playerlogo\*" noDraw

Remove nametags

mirv_streams edit streamName actionFilter addEx "name=models/weapons/uid/\*" "action=noDraw"

Remove black smoke from molotovs:

mirv_streams edit streamName actionFilter addEx name=particle/particle_flares/particle_flare_gray action=noDraw
mirv_streams edit streamName actionFilter addEx name=particle/particle_flares/particle_flare_001_nodepth_noz action=noDraw

Wallhack config

For CS:GO you can enable wallhack by using exec afx/wh in console and following the instructions printed in the console. Works best with GOTV demos.

Blood removal config


Remove xray and caster camera / xray control:

spec_autodirector 0
spec_autodirector_cameraman 0
spec_cameraman_ui 0
spec_cameraman_xray 0
spec_show_xray 0

Hide endgame scoreboard

Edit the stream to not draw the hud, see example below:

mirv_streams add normal norm
mirv_streams edit norm drawHud 0
mirv_streams preview norm

Note that the deathnotices will also be hidden, and there is no easy way to keep them while also removing the scoreboard.

Fix black models (e.g. wagons on de_train) on old demos/maps

Fix crouch height in old CS:GO demos

See mirv_fix oldDuckFix

How to fix CS:GO bomb plant brightness

  1. Load the demo.
  2. Use mat_force_tonemap_scale and try values between 1.0 to 2.0.

(This also fixes the brightness change / overbright when skipping through the demo.)

Fix CS:GO bomb plant spec lag/spin in 128 tick GOTV demos

See mirv_fix blockObserverTarget

How to record a GOTV demo on a local server

Simple guide about how to record your own GOTV demo.

How to hide GOTV ads / logos

These need to be set before loading the demo in question:

cl_server_graphic1_enable 0
cl_server_graphic2_enable 0

How to completely uninstall HLAE

Guide on how to properly uninstall HLAE and reset game settings.

CS:GO POV weapon only stream

How to make a matte stream with only the viewmodel.

CS:GO Smoke only matte stream

How to make a smoke only matte stream.

Tutorial: CS:GO: Replace sky with mirv_streams on nuke / inferno / train

How to change the sky with HLAE, as well as hiding the clouds.

HLAE FFmpeg recording with preset config

This tutorial is based on a ffmpeg.cfg along with some tested presets written by Purp1e.

How to change Panorama UI

Shows how to edit the HUD (changing fonts, colours etc).

mirv_streams picker tool - Hiding materials, entities and more

New tutorial

Removing Volumetric Lights from Depth Passes in HLAE (Picker Method)
thumbnail https://youtu.be/7Mnbr-3RvPs

Original tutorial (longer, more details)

thumbnail https://youtu.be/aLxHUIOpGcU

  1. In the first 6 minutes you will learn how to quickly find and hide unwanted objects / materials from a depth stream.

  2. In the remaining 13 minutes I will show how to solve the advanced exercise of hiding a player's shadow and additionally also how to add custom actions and giving specific players a solid colour using those.

Tutorial: CS:GO Separate HUD Stream

How to separate the HUD from the game footage and composite it again in AE/Vegas.

CS:GO ReShade with HLAE

ReShade Setup with HLAE (2022) by Alan Gaming

Recording streams and depth effects in After Effects

By fuze

Using depth maps in AE

By fuze

SFM: How to import models, cameras, maps, and attach custom models to players

Tutorial: Spectator smooth

CS:GO Changing X-Ray color

How to change demos from day to night as of early 2017

CS:GO Calculate real FOV from engine FOV / mirv_fov

AfxRgbaLut - Color Lookup Table format

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