Safety Meeting Agenda - actringo/di GitHub Wiki

  1. Intro to DI (and refresher for those who have done this before)
  • Cost: no more than $200 worth of material can be used on stage
  • Interference
  • Balance of science, tech, design and theater
  • There are a lot of rules; restrictions and need can = creative solutions
  1. Point out highlights of the document:
  • There will be no secrets from parents
  • Anyone who has concerns about safety, respect or other issues they don't feel right about is encouraged to say so
  • Team Managers or other representatives of DI will not directly text, email or call individuals under 18 directly without involving or informing parents
  • Parents, guardians, family members of kids on team are welcome to show up at any activities; they only need to understand and not violate the interference rule
  1. Interference and safety - kids must use all tools themselves. Adults train and supervise, but when it comes to building anything that will be used in their performance, only kids on the team can build. Consider this when planning, buying materials, etc. For example, if using wood, you may not want to buy something that will need to be cut with a table saw.
  2. Know the safety requirements of where you will be building and performing. It will probably be a school. For example, DI rules may not say anything about setting part of your set on fire, but it's probably against the fire code for a school.