IdP3 Upgrade and Maintenance Process - abrahad/aaf-document-review Wiki

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From time to time AAF will be upgrading the IdP3 installer. This is a basic guide to identify the steps needs to be taken to mange this process.

New Release

When a new version of the Shibboleth IdP become available, the AAF will be testing the new version and update the AAF installer. Once it is tested and reviewed it will be added to the AAF Github repository:

The current version and all the previous versions are also listed in the Github site:


The AAF will announce the new release via the following channels

  • Email notification
  • AAF technical newsletter

Upgrading and Maintenance

The upgrading of your IdP should be much simpler now you are using the V3.

AAF suggested reading the release note first. This may have the important information that you need to perform during the upgrade.

Once you are ready to upgrade, run the upgrade in test environment first to make sure that it won’t cause any issues before running in the production environment.

To upgrade the current version, run the update script with –u option, which will update the configurations and underlying software packages eg: jetty if required. –u


Use the AAF attribute validator to test your attributes and verify the attribute values.

Once you are happy with your test IdP, run the upgrade in the production server.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback please send to AAF Support