Apple Music Electron - ZephraCloud/Apple-Music-RPC Wiki

Why should I use AMRPC for AME and not the integrated Discord RPC?

For a better overview, we've created a table with the differences/commonalities.

AMRPC Apple Music Electron RPC
Album/song artwork
Custom RPC text
Hide on pause (your choice)
Receives updates
Usable for multiple apps (iTunes, AME)
Listening to music together with others ✅*¹

*¹ Currently under development

How to use AMRPC for AME

From version 3.2.1 and higher the plugin is installed automatically.

  1. Download the file amrpc.js


  1. Press WIN + R and type %appdata%
  2. Open the folder AppleMusic
  3. Open the folder plugins or create it
  4. Add the file amrpc.js to the folder
  5. Open the AMRPC settings and select "Apple Music Electron" in the service selector
  6. Restart AMRPC and Apple Music Electron