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Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_s1_ks_nordschleife_11-10-121-14-38-12 This guide contains useful information that will help you make a career mod in Assetto Corsa. All this knowledge has been gathered by the ACICP Team throughout development. The purpose of this is to render ACICP as open and expandable as possible, following the Assetto Corsa philosophy.

The guide won't cover (at least for now) topics that are related to cars/track issues (fuel consumptions, AI trajectories...) that are nonetheless useful to make your custom career top-notch. This is because not enough research has been made in order to provide accurate and useful information.

General advice before starting

If you plan to make something big (even a single career series with 10+ events) it's crucial that you have an efficient workflow. You will work in an enviroment that was not meant for the end user to fiddle around that much. Following some simple rules will eventually save a lot of time. PLEASE NOTE that said rules are a result of a trial-and-error process and your desired workflow may be different.

Planning and feasibility

This may as well apply to every aspect of life: you need to have a general idea of what kind of mod you want to make. If you think of what you want to do WHILE you are doing it, you are exposing yourself to scope creep, burnout, or just not liking the final result. You can surely course-correct and/or subdivide your work to smaller tasks(in fact, ACICP is loosely planned and ideated season by season).

Once you have done that, launching a normal AC race that recreates your idea can catch serious issues early on. There's no real need to participate in the event: just let the AI run and see if some problems occour.

Let's use an example: you want to make a quick race at Imola with the Tatuus FA01. I'm using Kunos content in this example to point out that problems occour even with vanilla content. If you try this, you will find out that the cars will go wide exiting from the Villeneuve chicane. This happens because the track AI ideal line was made with other types of cars in mind. The FA01 is just too stiff to hop on the kerb and thus it spins. There is a way to fix this, but it's not the point. The lesson here is that you avoided a lot of trouble going back to the drawing board after you made a functioning mod. And you didn't even need to actually play!

You can use Quick Drive Presets in Content Manager to save your race settings and load them in the future. This also saves a lot of time.

Implementation and testing

Once you are confident enough to make your mod, go for it. As a general advice, don't work on the UI component right away but rather check if the core part of the mod is of your liking. What if you spend 10hours making the perfect image for a certain event, and then you decide to scrap said event?

Testing is the most time-consuming phase, but doing it will save you from bad feedback later. Plus, there is no chance you will find all the problems on your own. Ask for help. Share it with others. Damn, publish it on RaceDepartment and mark it as beta. Whatever you see fit.

Getting some quality content

I recommend Girellu's wiki in order to discern good mods from bad mods. It doesn't keep track of everything of course, and as a matter of fact ACICP uses some content from the "naughty list" for various reasons. It is nonetheless a good reference to understand why you shouldn't use that shady, encrypted car with funny physics.

This spreadsheet contains a list of basically every Assetto Corsa track known to man. So if you are trying to recreate that 1965 niche race nobody knows about, you may find your luck there. Maybe cross-reference what you find with Girellu's wiki. Please.

Making your first career mod

This section aims to get a career event done real quick to familiarize with some of the peculiarities of the process. In fact, the quickest method available is to exploit the game itself and make it do the boring work.

Step 1 - Skeleton

This is simple: you can download the base career template here. Next up, put it in this directory:



Inside, you will find a event1 folder and a series.ini file. Open the latter and fill it up following the commented instructions. For this guide, I will create a single event series that can be beaten with a gold medal:


P.S. Notepad++ is highly recommended.

Step 2 - Exploiting Content Manager

You may know that Assetto Corsa is divided into two different programs: the launcher and the actual game. The job of the launcher is to set up the .ini files that the game will read to set up your race configuration as well as graphics, controls et cetera. Content Manager does the same work and then boots the game, and in this section we will scoop the race.ini file that will be kindly compiled by CM. B After you follow the instructions in the picture, CM will create a race.ini file into this directory:

This PC\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg

Open the file, then go back to


and open event.ini.


I made some comments to event.ini hoping you can understand best what every instruction means, but for this guide you only need these notions:

  • Every [TAG] type that is present both in race.ini and event.ini must be copied to event.ini. For example, the [RACE] tag is present on both files so you can copy the content from race.ini onto event.ini
  • Depending on your type of event, race.ini may have more than one [SESSION_X] tag. Copy each one of them to event.ini
  • If you set up some opponents for your event, you will need to copy every [CAR_X] tag to the event file. For some reason CM doesn't put them in order, but you can dump them at the end of the file to keep your .ini nice and tidy. Please note that this is not the only way to do this. In fact we will see other ways to set up opponents, but this is the most immediate method and it will work for every situation.

Step 3 - Testing it out

You need to rename the BASE TEMPLATE folder to make it recognizable by the launcher/CM. This could have been done earlier, but since not all files were properly filled in, some error messages would show up to get you scared. Plus, editing .ini files while CM is open may lead to crashes. This is something we will get more in depth in other sections.

The naming convention is quite straightforward: you need to put the prefix


onto your folder name. Other than that, everything is permitted (within folder naming limitations). You may want to come up with your own naming convention to get a specific order. For example, ACICP series are named seriesx_1** so that ACICP events appear on the right side of the vanilla career events.

For this example, we will rename the folder


After you renamed the folder, it should appear on the CM Career window:

Career Icon

Note that we did not put any preview pictures, so this square will stay blank. We will enhance this series in the next section.

You have now made a working career mod! You can test it out to check if everything is to your liking. In the next section, we will go more in-depth and understand better how to make a proper career mod.