Switching to MySQL - Xemorr/superheroes Wiki

Switching to MySQL

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a type of database that uses SQL queries and can be used to connect data across different servers (let's say you're using multiple servers to improve performance).

How do I switch?

Enter your config.yml, by default it looks like this.
  type: YAML
  host: "this needs filling with your host name if using mysql"
  port: 3306
  name: "this needs filling with the database name if using mysql"
  username: "this needs filling with the username of the account being used to connect to mysql if using mysql"
  password: "this needs filling with the password being used to connect to mysql if using mysql"
    amount: 1
  isEnabled: true
  eachHeroRequiresPermissions: false
  cooldown: 1
  isEnabled: true
  showHero: true
  cooldown: 0 #cooldown in seconds

Then enter the host, port, name, username and password of your MySQL server. Now, if you do /hero reload, you should be on MySQL!

Where did everyone's heroes go?

If you want to import the heroes people had when it was being saved in the YAML, do /hero import, and all of them will be moved into your current storage type (MySQL!)