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For information on the databases section, go to Switching to MySQL

The reroll item defines the item that will be used to reroll the equipped hero. Disable it by changing isEnabled: true to isEnabled: false or changing the type to an unobtainable block. The type has to part of the Material Enum of the spigot documentation.

powerOnStart determines if players joining for the first time will obtain a power. Set it to false if you do not want this.

Within heroCommand, there is a cooldown field, this is used to set the cooldown of the /hero command

  type: YAML
  host: "this needs filling with your host name if using mysql"
  port: 3306
  name: "this needs filling with the database name if using mysql"
  username: "this needs filling with the username of the account being used to connect to mysql if using mysql"
  password: "this needs filling with the password being used to connect to mysql if using mysql"
    amount: 1
  isEnabled: true
  eachHeroRequiresPermissions: false
  cooldown: 1
  isEnabled: true
  showHero: true
  cooldown: 0 #cooldown in seconds