KsoftBanEntry - Wolvinny/RavyAPI Wiki


This is for the users who still have a ksoft token. Users with a ravy type token automatically have acces to these bans via (Full)Userinfo.

KsoftBanEntry ban = api.getKsoftBans(userId);
boolean isBanned = ban.isBanned();
String id = ban.getId();
String tag = ban.getTag();
String reason = ban.getReason();
String proof = ban.getProof();
boolean severe = ban.isSevere();
String time = ban.getTimestamp();


isBanned: Whether the user is banned or not.

id: The id of the user.

tag: The tag of the user.

reason: The reason why the user was banned.

proof: The proof of why the user was banned (as a link).

severe: Whether the ban is severe.

time: The timestamp.