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Due to the enormous changes to the talent system in Dragonflight, all specs from Shadowlands have been fully disabled. The first step to supporting a spec for the new expansion is to fix that.

Part 1: Enabling the Spec

  1. Remove the exclude lines for your spec & class from tsconfig.json
  2. Un-comment the import / export lines for your spec in src/parser/index.ts

This will cause your local copy of WoWA to begin to parse and run code for the spec. However, it is likely to throw many, many errors about missing or invalid talent imports. These imports either need to be fixed (if the spell still exists and functions the same) or deleted (if the spell is no longer in the game, or now does something different).

Part 2: Cleaning Up the Shadowlands Stuff

If you load the site locally (typically http://localhost:3000/), you'll have a list of errors to handle.

Before getting in too deep, it should be made clear that deleting things is perfectly okay! Old legendary that isn't brought forward? Delete. Spell that got changes in Dragonflight? Delete. Analysis that only exists for an old rotation? Delete. Just can't deal with 300 errors from that one giant analyzer right now? Delete. We use git for a reason. Anything that you delete can be retrieved---and if you're not sure how to do that, you can always ask for help in the Discord!

With that out of the way, you're typically going to need to handle two different kinds of changes:

Handling Spells that are now Talents

If a spell used to be baseline, but is now a talent you'll need to replace uses of the old spell with uses of the new spell. For example, Brewmaster's Purifying Brew became a talent, but used to be baseline. The change for the core PurifyingBrew module looks like this.

Typically, the process for fixing an analyzer that uses what is are now talents is:

  1. Add an import talents from 'common/TALENTS/<className>'; line
  2. Replace uses of SPELLS.MY_SPELL with talents.MY_SPELL_TALENT (or talents.MY_SPELL_SPEC_TALENT).
  3. If the talent is optional, you may also want to modify the constructor to set this.active = false when the talent is missing. For example:
class MySpell extends Analyzer {
  constructor(options: Options) {
    this.active = this.selectedCombatant.hasTalent(talents.MY_SPELL_TALENT);

  // ... more code here ...

(Not every talent is optional for a max level player---the Brewmaster tree requires taking Keg Smash, and it is virtually impossible to skip Purifying Brew).

Handling Legendaries & Conduits that are now Talents

This is very similar to the previous, except that the old SPELLS entry will still exist. However, in almost all cases the spell information has changed! This means that the old SPELLS entry is wrong, so you still want to replace it with the new talent.

  1. Remove the old SPELLS entry for the legendary
  2. Add an import talents from 'common/TALENTS/<className>'; line
  3. Replace uses of SPELLS.MY_SPELL with talents.MY_SPELL_TALENT (or talents.MY_SPELL_SPEC_TALENT).
  4. Replace uses of hasLegendary, hasConduit, and conduitRankBySpellID with hasTalent / getTalentRank.

Handling Legendaries & Conduits that have been removed

  1. Delete the file.

Enjoy this process :)

Part 3: Re-Enabling Tests

If your spec has tests (search for files ending in .test.js or .test.ts), then you should go and turn them back on. Very similarly to other changes:

  • If the test covers functionality that is dead, gone, or no longer relevant just delete it!
  • If the test is going to be too hard to port to Dragonflight (such as requiring new raid logs to test against), you can delete it.
  • If the test covers something useful, make an effort to port it---but porting old tests is not that important since the classes are changing so much. Don't get stuck on tests!

Getting Your Changes Online

Once you've eliminated all of the errors, we strongly recommend that you stop, commit your changes to a branch on your fork, and submit a pull request! These PRs are likely to be large and it makes them take much longer to review if they have new functionality added instead of just reviving the old stuff.

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