Building on Windows - Windblade-GR01/Ikemen-GO Wiki

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Part 1: Setting up the compiler (This is only required to do one time)

Step 1: download the Release version of MinGW-w64 and extract it.

Step 2: Add the /mingw64/bin folder to your PATH

On 32 bit OS the folder is called /mingw32/bin

Step 3: Install Git:

Step 4: Install GO-lang (The newest version should work)

Part 2: Building the code

Step 1: Download the repo.
Step 2: Open the Build folder inside the Ikemen_GO folder.
Step 3: Run the get.cmd file.
Step 4: Once get.cmd finishes run the build.cmd file.

Now you should have a new folder called bin inside the Ikemen_GO folder you can find the compiled exe there.

The OpenAL dlls are required to run the .exe file.
Place these besides the .exe file.
[32-bit DLL] [64-bit DLL]

To to run the engine you need the external and font folders and a screenpack.
You can to download the screenpack files at this repo, they need to be extracted at the bin directory, next to the created exe.