Building on MacOS - Windblade-GR01/Ikemen-GO Wiki

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Setup the development environment. (execute only once)

For mac, the easier way is using homebrew. Install homebrew following these instructions
Next, open a terminal and use homebrew to install the dependencies.

brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask
brew install git go
brew install openal-soft

The following packages are not required but they makes it a lot easier to code.
brew cask install goland visual-studio-code

Get the code:
git clone


Open a terminal, move to downloaded folder:
cd Ikemen-GO

make macos

Ikemen can be opened by double clicking Ikemen_GO, or with the terminal:

To run the engine you need the data, external, and font folders and a screenpack.
Download the screenpack files:
make elecbyte

Merge engine files:
cp -r Ikemen_GO data external font elecbyte

Run the executable:
cd elecbyte