5.1 Welcome Devs! - Whats-Cookin/flow Wiki

Original URL: https://github.com/Whats-Cookin/flow/wiki/5.1-Welcome-Devs!

Dear teammate!

We are happy to welcome you to our project. This introductory page briefly describes the main project processes and provides links to important documentation which would be helpful in your routine development responsibilities.

FYI There is the following technology stack used for the What's Cookin Project:  React, Next, Python, Django, AWS Amplify, Postgres, AWS RDS/S3/EC2, Terraform, Ansible, Github Actions.

To get a better understanding of what product we are aiming to create please take a look at the Project Vision Page which helps you to understand What's Cookin organizational structure and project goals in detail.

All source code is kept on Github.

The branching strategy document will give you an understanding of our branching model, commit messages, etc.

If you need to perform code reviews for PRs from other team members you should follow the best practices described in Code Review Checklist.

And the last but not least thing is to speak the same language with other project teammates. Just review Glossary What's Cookin' Project to reach this aim.

Welcome on board and may the force be with you!