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ExportTools - Find Missing Episodes

--> Please Note: From v1.1.0 onwards, you are now able to find missing TV Show episodes using ExportTools. <--

There are some prerequisites though:

  1. Your TV Show library must have been created with or converted to use the new Plex TV Series agents.
  2. If your TV Show library was converted to the new Plex TV Series agents, then you MUST run Refresh Metadata for the entire TV Show library.

Note: From v1.1.1 onwards, both the TMDB and the TVDB are used for lookup purposes.

Before you proceed, make sure you have selected a server to work with. Most operations will fail if you have not selected a server.

In order to use the Find Missing Episodes function, you need to make the selections shown below:
Note: your TV Show library may be named differently

After making the above selections, click on the Export Media button. The status of the export will be displayed in the Status: box shown above.

A .csv and/or .xlsx file will be output to the folder you specified in Global Settings > Export Settings.

The .csv and/or .xlsx file/s will contain a list of the TV Shows in your library along with various information held by your Plex Media Server and information held at the TMDB and/or TVDB for each of the series you have in your library.

You may use this information to help correct any misnamed/ordered episodes in your PMS TV Show library and/or to Find Missing Episodes in your TV Show library.

After opening the .csv output from Find Missing Episodes, some of you may have been wondering what the numbers mean in the column shown above.

The first number indicates the number of the season and the following number indicates the number of episodes in that season {'1':40,. This shows Season 1 with 40 episodes. The comma separates each season and episode count.

In the example shown above, there are 4 seasons, each season containing 40 episodes.

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